Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lt Commander Carney reports for duty

Washington, D.C. --Congressman Christopher P. Carney will report for two weeks of active duty on September 10, 2007 at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. “Serving my nation is something I take very seriously,” said Congressman Carney. “I will continue to serve two weeks of active duty. I will leverage my counter-terrorism experience with the Predator UAV Program, to bring a certain value added to the military.”

Congressman Carney is currently a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves. In addition to two weeks of active duty each year, he continues to drill at the Pentagon each month.

Lt. Commander Carney will be working on the Predator UAV Program. Previously, he was called up for service as a counter-terrorism expert at the Pentagon following the September 11th attacks. He continued counter-terrorism work as a Senior Advisor and Special Advisor from 2003 to 2005. In 2006, he was elected to Congress from the 10th District of Pennsylvania and pledged to continue his reserve duty while serving as a Member of Congress.

Reporting for active duty is unique for Members of Congress. Congressman Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, also reports for two weeks of active duty as a Reservist while serving as a Member of Congress. “Working in the Pentagon as a naval reserve intelligence officers helps me better understand what our men and women serving in the military face each day,” U.S. Representative Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) said. “That perspective also helps me make decisions in Congress. Those who wear the uniform have a unique perspective on issues that affect our military. Serving in the reserve also helps you transcend partisan differences. I consider myself a shipmate to Congressman Carney first and a colleague in Congress second.”

While in uniform, Congressman Carney will not be able to comment on political matters.

It's good to see people keep their military obligations unlike some others.


Anonymous said...

I admire him for his committment.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate his service I must bring up one thing. Let us not forget that before Carney was a Congressman he worked at the Pentagon as part of a secret group led by Douglas Feith. This group developed intelligence and then made a presentation to Sec. Rumsfeld and eventually to the President (called the Feith-Carney memo). This information confirmed that Saddam had WMD's and that he was involved with Terrorists, especially Al-Quida. So the same person who is admirably serving our country is the one who provided Pres. Bush with the ammunition to go to war. A war we never should have started. if everybody remembers when we took over the House that there were going to be investigations into who provided the information and how they developed that info for President Bush. Funny thing the Dem leadership decided to put a freshman Congressman in charge of the committee that would investigate those allegations. The Freshman Congressman was Chris Carney. So the Mouse is now in charge of the cheese. Typical politics. I voted for Carney because I thought he would stop the war, I made a mistake because he helped start the war. Signed- a former believer

Anonymous said...

I hope Carney comes clean on his involvement in the research that preceeded the war - but like most gutless politicos - he will try to distance himself from his deeds.

With Hackett charging out of the gates in seeking the GOP bid - it is likely this will be a front burner issue in no time.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Carney but he has never denied his involvement in the intel leading up to the war. He was questioned about it by Nancy and Kevin, so anyone who is suprised was not paying attention.

Bill Fitz said...

Dude no body listens to nancy and Kevin

secound Colin powell got it right and called Fife/Carney's group the "little Gestapo"

On to Carney himself
Carney is the first Neo con ever elected. They tend to be girly acedemic types(Kristol, Wolf, Fife, ect) they prey on people with little forign policy experince such as Bush and now Rudy and Obama.(there are liberal neo Cons too and most liberals follow a neo con mid set more than real conserveatives) they even converted to Cheney and Rummy who as Sec Def helped end Vietnam and knew not to overthrow Saddam.

Carney fits the bill to a tee except he is not a girly man like kristol. he is an acedemic type who seems to be willing to prounce on an oppurtunity. the neocons snuck into the GOP and then pounced on Bush after 9/11 and Carney punced on the oppurtunity to be in congress, and i heard he was even helped by Richard pearle.

Gort said...

Pearl raised some money for him. What is a girly man?

Anonymous said...

He can't deny that he was involved because there is documentation to prove this. My major point is that he is now the chairman of the committee that would investigate the Feith Commission that gave the Bush administration the information for them to justify the war. He is a freshmen Congressman and leadership does not normally give a freshmen a chairmanship of a subcommittee. As chairman, Carney now can request an investigation into this matter or he can make sure that no investigation occurs. He is making sure that no investigation happens so that he can cover his tracks. if the American people don't want the investigation than that is OK with me. But, let's ask the families of the 3,167 people that have died if it is OK that Congressman Carney gave the information to the President to justify the war and now he won't come completely clean. If he is clean order the investigation and put this issue to bed, if not then he is complicite in the deaths of these young men and women.

Anonymous said...

hey bill check out joe leonardi's blog, he hasn't updated it in awhile but he goes after the neo cons with a vengence

Bill Fitz said...

a a panzy like Bill kristol

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican in the district and I am going to vote for Carney again. There are only two members of Congress serving in the military -- Carney and Kirk from the midwest. We need more people who are independent and from the troops.