Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sports weekend

Busy weekend, We had the wedding yesterday and a couple of paperwork projects today. I still haven't filed our taxes yet but hope to get them in this week. But anyway, Penn State couldn't buy a touchdown against Michigan and I think Austin Scott's playing days are over in Happy Valley after he coughed up the ball yet again resulting in a Wolverine score. Watching the tape and screaming at the TV led to a minor domestic dispute because Mrs. G wanted to talk about the wedding but got tired of my obscenity laced tirades about football. The Phillies took 3 out of 4 against the Nationals but the Mets won today and the Padres lost leaving the Phils 2 1/2 out of first in the East and a 1/2 game back in the wild card. And Family Guy was great tonight.

Then there is this thing, the only missing is a machine gun turret on the roof.


Jimmy the Saint said...

Sorry about those Phillies. By the way, although I live in the Philly burbs, I am not a native of the area. That's why I am not a Phillies fan.

Anonymous said...

jimmy thas cool, support where your from.

I went to all 4 games and the nationals fans make me sick. First they enver support thier so called team all year, and then show up sat and sunday becuse it was the last games at RFK, which will now be a place of eveil(soccer stadium only) First anyopne who is a nationals fan and over the age of 5 and under 50 is a traitor to thier first hometown team(DC is filled with migrants) or to the O's The people over 50 could have been legit Senaotrs fans so i give them a pass. But on saturday am,ny so called fans left before Howard put to the smack down. omn Sunday we aere all confused while hamels was replaced in the top sixth with a pinch hitter. (he was pitching great and considering our 3 best relivers were not avialable and he was 2-2)
the way i figure it is the padres have 7 road gmaes and we have 6 home games they go 3/4 against sanfran and 2/3 agianst the brew Crew. we go 2/3 against the braves and 3/3 agiant the nationals and defeat them in the playoff game. there is also the chance that this Mets tema collaspses

danny said...

Family Guy was great?!? Are you kidding? I used to like you, Gort. Family has jumped the shark on many occasions and was almost unwatchable Sunday. The Rush Limbaugh thing was kinda funny. The real show on Sunday was the return of The Simpsons.

Between the Phillies and Family Guy, I can tell you're a real fan of mediocrity. Have fun in Philly.

Bill said...

"I hate Family Guy"

Not really i still like it but like so many great shows it is not as good as it used to be. even the simpsons but that went from Super good to jusy Super super. the daily Show is another exmaple. The Crowd is to liberal, i dont care what John Stewart is but he is pretty fair but sometimes the crowd ruins good jokes by booing or applauding certian politicians. like whne Rick Sanotrum got on he was booed, but thats not the point everyone should be shown some respect then get cheered on how funny thier interaction with john Stewart is. that is why John mcCian was a great Guest but he is nowher ebearly as good as huckabee when he on colbert, which is now a better show.