Friday, September 07, 2007

Yuddy responds

Last week I asked State Rep John Yudichak (D-119th) about the rumor that he will run for the Democratic nomination in the PA 11th CD. He was kind enough to reply:
I appreciate your interest, and I always enjoy your blog. I am keeping all options open regarding my political future. Currently, I am focusing on some very exciting projects in the 119th like the recent announcement that will bring LCCC into downtown Nanticoke as a full partner in the City’s revitalization. I will do my best to keep you updated. Thanks, jty
He doesn't confirm it but doesn't deny it either. This should get interesting.


Bill said...

isnt yuddy a great nick name

He spoke to my class in teh spring of 2006 and said he endorsed the retirement of paul Kanjorski

Gort said...

I remember that.

Anonymous said...

run yuddy run yuddy run......
if he does run he will save us from Kanjo and Barletta.
run yddy run yddy run

Anonymous said...

Go for it yuddi