Monday, September 24, 2007

Carney campaign responds

After getting beat up by Chris Hackett this week the Carney people weigh in.



Anonymous said...

one thing that doesn't go over well with conservatives and veterans is all these arm chair generals who never served who sling arrows at dems who did, or in carney's case do..

Anonymous said...

These two gentelman are long time Carney supporters. If Carney sneezed and smoeone didn't say "gesundheit", they would be writing letters to the editor. Someones military backround (or lack thereof) should not disqualify them from commenting.

I respect these men for their service, but part of their service was to fight for the freedom to allow us to criticize our politicians when they do something wrong!

Anonymous said...

I am confused. I read the press release. What exactly was said that is insulting? "It is critical for
my generation to step up and really start to recognize what is
important for this country." (Towanda Daily Review, 9/19/07). How is that insulting to anyone?