Friday, September 07, 2007

Kanjo News

"The president is not a dumb man, he's just not a deep man. He can be a deep man, but he's never had to exercise his brain. He's a DEK (a fraternity guy, pronounced 'deek'). They are the best party guys in the world," -U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski, PA-11(D)

He explains his vote on Iraq:

The Pocono Record

"We were told a lot of things that were incorrect or inaccurate" he said...."They told us all kind of things. That we were under a threat and their information was as complete as possible and they (Iraq) had weapons of mass destruction"...he was shown large pictures of a plane "that looked like a mosquito." Kanjorski was told these were called UAVs — unmanned aeronautical vehicles, the highest black-box weapons we have, and they (the Iraqis) have 1,000 of them, and they can deliver weapons of mass destruction. That included a plane that could spray chemical and biological materials..."the Iraqis never had one damned weapon."

"There was no way they ever took those pictures in Iraq," he said, referring to the UAVs.
Kanjorski doesn't believe the president or the national security adviser lied to him "because I believe they were lied to," he said.

"We invaded a sovereign nation based on a lie."

His nephews keep making news over the Cornerstone thing and being employed by his PAC and campaign committee. We're used to nepotism but the Cornerstone story just won't go away. Now the Navy is asking questions.

The Politico

The U.S. Navy wants a business owned by the family of Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski to hand over a piece of high-tech equipment bought with some of the $9.25 million in taxpayer funds Kanjorski steered to the company.
Except no one seems to know where to find the equipment-

a Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, also know as a high-pressure pump.

Which brings me to the Yuddy rumour. For a few weeks I've been hearing that State Rep John Yudichak (119th) will take on Kanjo in the primary for the Democratic nomination for the 11th District CD seat held by Kanjorski. One wag said :

I think the time is ripe. the families can't stand each other even though they were allies at one time. Plus notice John's zoning in on health care? great middle class issue. All he has to do is stand up and say, you deserve the same health care the congressman got for his heart surgery. Mcnulty will run his campaign, he has to pay off his wife's direct merchant bill so they'll be plenty of paid media.


If Yuddy wants to take on Kanjo, now would be the time to do it. The republicans are running so many commercials that it could only help John. And if John runs I think he will win the primary and then have a cake walk in the general.

I asked Yudichak for a comment last week but received no response yet.

Danny had it first.


Anonymous said...

Paul the plunderer, Bush the blunderer. Our government at work.

Anonymous said...

The congressman says that people were lied too. And they were. But let's remember who is one of the key creators of the lies. Rep. Chris Carney (D-10) worked at the pentagaon and delivered the infamous Feith-Carney memo. This is the memo to Sec. Rumsfeld that said there was credible evidence that Saddam had WMD's and was involved with Al-Quida. Even though the CIA said that none existed before this memo and meeting.