Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Phargon Phils are in the Phlayoffs

Jimmy Rollins for MVP! Just look at what he did in this game. 2 stolen bases in the 1st inning that manufactured a run and a triple and a run scored. Plus every ball that was hit at him resulted in an out.

Ryan Howard hit a homer, Jamie Moyer was the veteran pitcher you expect and the bullpen was lights out.

It also helped that the Mets had a collapse akin to to the 1964 Phillies.

It's been Phourteen years since the last post season.


Anonymous said...

I was at work all day today and in DC so i was not getting any updates from the customers i worked when the Eagles won the NFC(but i was bad security gaurd at John Hienz and watched the whole game) and i worked when the sixers won the East in 2001, thats the 3 biggest days in philly sports since the flyers went to the stanely cup in the mid 890s and i was working during all three, So Am I unlucky or is my labor lucky.

Carl said...

biteme :-P