Friday, September 21, 2007

My last 10th CD post

For this week.

Chris Hackett said a few things in Towanda that we didn't cover in my interview last week.

Daily and Sunday Review

"The French have rolled out a new program which I think is intriguing," said Hackett, explaining an idea for tax reform that he indicated might make sense for the United States. Under the proposed French program, the French government wouldn't tax a person's income if he worked more than 35 hours per week, Hackett said."What a great way to reward people for their hard work."

"We really need to protect our borders, and support the sanctity of this country... For example, he said, "If an individual wants to wire money out of this country - and they are an illegal alien - they should be required to show proof of citizenship if they try to wire money out. It would be a sure way to stop them from wiring money out."

We've had a spirited discussion in the comments and 2006 11th CD Republican nominee Joe Leonardi asked me to post this comment:

The back and forth riping on each candidate, form within the party, must stop. There is currently a strong anti-republican sentiment in the country, including the 10th. The Dems are motivated and are mobilizing. The RNC and NRCC are taking in less money than the DNC and the DCCC. There is a reason for this.

Most middle class Republicans are not that supportive of the party because they feel the President is not a genuine conservative. Outside of the war, under this administration, we have had one of the largest spending sprees and expansion of government since LBJ. People are making less real money, real estate prices (some folks largest investment) are falling. People are taking home less money. College tuition is increasing. People are paying more for health care and receiving less. These are the issues that every day voters care about. These are the concerns middle class conservatives care about. They are upset at how government intrusion, big government, negatively impacts their lives.

The top of the ticket will have a huge influence on Congressional races this time out. Perhaps if the party gets a conservative at the head of the ticket republicans will have a chance. Since there are no conservatives presently running for president, the overwhelming motivation to get the conservative base to the polls will be diminished.

One of the factors that will hurt us the most is the bickering I have seen on this blog and others. While I understand the reasons to push "your" candidate, it does not have to be done by tearing down the other. This sniping, innuendo and rumor mongering will hurt the eventual nominee. If the Carney camp doesn't have "ammo" all they have to do is scan these blogs and they can get all the they want. Remember the Massachusetts furlough program that led to the Willie Horton ad campaign, was brought up in the primaries by Al Gore.

I wish all the best to whomever the nominee is. The ideal time to beat an incumbent is after the freshman year or after the 20th year. If Chris Carney is to be beat it must be done now. But there is a realistic possibility that we may have lost the seat for the foreseeable future. We must not let that happen.

A strong primary based on what each candidate will do, what qualifications they hold and their ability to put forth a positive message may change the negative views many have toward our party. It may also help alleviate the apathy felt by many within the party.

The registration is in favor of republicans, but that won't do any good if registered republicans stay home on election day. If we tear each other apart in the primary, the bridge building, the necessary unifying behind the nominee will be that much more difficult. And if that can not be done and there is bad blood after the primary, the republican voters will stay home, or worse --- they will vote for the status quo.

Let's debate issues and vision and leave the petty infighting off the table and behind closed doors. To win, in November, a united front will be necessary. That front will have to be more than smoke and mirrors. It will have to be genuine, it will have to be solid and it must be strong to demonstrate the resolve necessary to get the job done. The primary sniping will devalue your candidate in November. And it will help return Congressman Carney back to the Congress instead of the classroom.


Anonymous said...

Doc Joe is a class act. I volunteered on his campaign and was impressed by not only his knowledge and determination but his ability to see the big picture.

If there is any one person out there who should have negative things to say about Meuser you would think it would be Joe. After all Mueser, the republican, was one of the many in the party who didn't lift a finger to help Joe. But when you consider he lived in Joe's district, and gave to Kanjorski against him it makes you wonder how Joe could write a message asking for decorum and unity.

When I saw this on here I had to write. I am doing it anonymously because I don't think the Doc would like me doing this. Many don't know exactly what happened in Joe's run, he explained it once on the radio and pretty much left it at that. But I feel that anyone who reads his words should know about Joe's run and where he is coming from, his dedication and why the rest of us need to see the big picture. Soon after he announced his candidacy he developed an illness, it was wrongly diagnosed for months. He was unable to eat and rapidly loosing weight, but he still managed to make the rounds. When someone finally figured out what was wrong with him he went in for surgery. After the surgery he took a while to get better. It turns out he had a serious infection that could have killed him. During all this his father passed away. He was out in the deep snow and cold getting his petitions signed while still suffering from this infection and only about a week after his father died.

We asked him what we were going to do about fund raising since all the time he was out was when were gonna start raising money. He said he wanted to focus on campaigning and would ask the party for help. He had drawn up a rather low cost marketing plan, that he shared with all of us, and he thought between national, state, and local parties we would get some help. For those that don't know, the party completely turned its back on Joe and now we have learned that some Republicans who are now seeking office were giving to Kanjorski. Joe didn't care, he said he made a commitment to do this and he was going to fight with what he had. I went with him campaigning and his energy and drive was something to witness. He would go from 6 in the morning stopping by breakfast places all over the place til 11 at night and in between run his practice. He went door to door, business to business and town to town. He said we don't have the money but we have our feet and we have ourselves.

I saw Joe just after the holidays this year at him mother's funeral. He told me the run combined with his illness really took a lot out of him personally and professionally. But he wasn't sorry he did it. He was happy his mother lived to see him run and he was proud that he didn't get in the mud during the campaign. He stated that one of his proudest accomplishments was that there was never one negative article written about him.

I was surprised to see many of the political insiders who didn't lift a finger to help were there. I guess somewhere along the line he won their respect. Perhaps all you out here acting as three year olds will heed what he has written and realize you are only damaging the republican effort to win this seat.

I told Joe he had a great story and should see if one of the papers would interview him. He just shrugged and said it is in the past.

I wonder how many people would sacrifice as much as Joe did for what he believed in? Let's show him our gratitude and pay attention to what he wrote.

Barry said...

I am still trying to figure out Chris Hackett. He praises the French and attacks a serving US Navel officer and gives contributions that look like Kickbacks to Democrats who give him million dollar contracts. In a year where Republican scandal is a major campaign issue where in the world did Hackett come from. Certainly the Republican party desperately needs better than Chris Hackett.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Former Republican State Committeeman from Lycoming County

Gort said...

Barry, Toss me an email.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Dan\\\'s residency I just read in the paper that \\\"Mr. Meuser will try to head them off. He plans to move into the 10th before he files nomination petitions next spring to run for Congress, he said. He has not found a new home.\\\"

**Mr Meuser better get a campaign manger or a scheduler who can read a calender. The nomination petitions are to be circulated between Jan. 22 and Feb 12 2008, last time I checked Jan/Feb is winter, not spring. So either he is going to move after the petitions are circulated or worse yet he is not going to have them circulated or turned in on time.**

And if the General Assembly jumps on the band wagon and moves up the primary that could change.

Sassy Fox said...

Follow up letters to the editor after the comments made by Hackett is this interview. Posted on the web Daily Sunday Review 9/21/07.

EDITOR: Chris Hackett owes an immediate apology to the people of the 10th District for attacking an active duty military officer involved with wartime duties under the guise of politics.

Congressman Chris Carney laid aside the privileges of Congress for the uniform of a field grade military officer. Chris Hackett, with the support of your newspaper, took this time to launch a cowardly attack on Lieutenant Commander Carney's honor and service. Common decency requires balance. This was not a straight news story. It was sloppy and showed total disrespect for the military. All that was required was a simple statement that Congressman Carney was serving on active military duty and unable to comment. That would have moved the story from blatant partisan attack to legitimate news story. Sadly, this paper did not do that. By timing his article as he did, Chris Hackett displays neither the ethics, honor nor integrity needed in Congress.

Hal Donahue, Lt. Col. USAF (retired)


Candidate trips out of the gate

EDITOR: Chris Hackett, someone who has never worn the uniform but is quick to insult those of us that do, implied Lieutenant Commander Carney was responsible for the failure of US strategy in Iraq. Attacking a serving officer and then demand that the Congressman refute attacks on other officers not even made by him smacks of hypocrisy.

Then our new virtuous candidate states: "It is critical for my generation to step up and really start to recognize what is important for this country." Mr. Hackett is 44 years old and neither a member of the National Guard nor the Military Reserve. Joining the guard or Reserve would be stepping up Mr. Hackett, giving speeches attacking military officers would not (more hypocrisy, sir).

As a long time Republican and veterans advocate, I believe character is high on the list of qualities desired of our elected officials if Mr. Hackett wishes to be considered he can correct his error. He should apologize to Congressman Carney and military personnel past and present.

This newspaper should also apologize for printing a biased attack against a Naval Officer with no balance or even a note that Lt. Cdr. Carney was on active duty and unable to defend himself. ...

We Republicans do not need hypocrites or embarrassments. Are values are too strong to be weakened by someone grabbing for political opportunity. Thank you Congressman Carney for your service to America, we support our troops.

John Visci


PS. I hope we have more running folks against the Democrats.

Tone down the rhetoric

EDITOR: I was very distressed to read Chris Hackett's attacks on Congressman Chris Carney in the Towanda Daily Review, Sept 19. 2007. Congressman Carney is on active duty right now, serving his country, and therefore is unable to respond personally to Mr. Hackett's statements.

Chris Carney has been very involved with the people of the 10th district, holding frequent town hall meetings and meeting with as many people as possible while serving both in Washington and in the Naval reserves. He has been actively working with farmers, veterans, business people and wide variety of his constituents, always looking for fresh ways to help them and make their lives more productive and comfortable. This is a time of great stress for our country. when good men serving in the United States Congress are as rare as lighting bugs in December, so it doesn't serve us well to decide that simply because someone is of the opposite party, we need to attack them. Chris Carney is a deeply honorable man, and I'm sure that Mr. Hackett didn't mean to impugn his honor simply to score political points. But we must remember that Chris Carneys one of the men wearing the uniform and serving in these times of crisis to keep our country safe and the people he serves, and indeed all Americans, as safe as possible.

Chris Carney certainly welcomes opponents because that is what democracy is about- being able to choose. But let's talk about what matters to the citizens Chris Carney has served so well and not get into political mudslinging. We need to work together, stop such negative pronouncements, and talk about issues in a calm and tempered way. Let's tone down the rhetoric, and talk reasonably together, and see what kind of world can be created-Just what Chris Carney has been working for since he was elected. Good job, Chris.

I'm a disabled combat veteran who is proud to have voted for Chris Carney, and even though I am a Republican, I intend to vote for him again!

Gary Morgan