Friday, September 21, 2007

The Face of Censorship

John Morgan of Berks County said some unkind but true things about State Rep. Tom Caltagirone and now the local Democratic Party is threatening to sue him over the name of his blog, Berks Democrats . They aren't threatening to sue about what he wrote but are looking for a backdoor to silence him.
This a threat to the free speech of all of us on the internet. Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican and others should rally around John.
The Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is a great resource that I have used in another dispute and has relevant information that applies to this situation.


t.g. said...

Haha, you can't mess with John Morgan. I bet John comes outta this one on top... and spreading the truth. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on this story.

Anonymous said...

they should have snatched it first

It reminds me of the Montco commish race, a GOP guy bought a buch of Dems names and creid and cried about it and for the GOP chair supported the Dems over the GOP dude. perhaps toy shold not start rumors about running for anything before you buy your website