Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick hits

The Phillies topped the Cards 7-4 in 14 innings. St. Louis used 11 pitchers (record?) and 53 players saw action for both teams.

The Eagles have hit the rocks.

Why does County Commissioner Steve Urban need 1,000 absentee ballots? The printer said "it's not unusual" for candidates, party officials or citizens to buy absentee ballot applications. But,"We make them pay first, before we ship them."

U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski said he was unaware LCCC wanted to buy the Kanjorski Center, until he was invited to a recent press conference, in trying to justify his pulling the money for the project. But nobody believes him.

The saga of Judge Ann Lokuta continues. The mystery witnesses were not named and she was offered early retirement but refused. She has been accused of some bizarre behavior but her attorney assures us that she is not nuts.

Gotta love this headline: Arlen Specter likes virgins

And Gort42 made the list, at number 20, of Pennsylvania's Most Influential Political blogs. That's nice but they don't reveal how they decide on the rankings. I don't think I can trust a list that doesn't include Capitol Ideas.


Bill Fitz said...

G a few things

It is good preactice to get absenttee ballots and sent the to people you know cannot vote. i usually had astack with me at all times during while i worked for the RNC in 2004

Secound the blog rank thing is wierd, first you have to sign up for it and maybe John has better things to do. We all know the top 3 blogs in the stae are Grasroots#1, and Capitol ideas and pesyltucky for the other2 spots. the Water cooler is always gaing strength(in reality not these rankings)
the key is the blogs do not really give opinion as they do gather information from around the state with some commentary

forest gump said...

You forgot the other baseball update. Bosox folding like a napkin and the evil empire gaining strength. I hope we see a Yankee-Phillies series with the Phillies prevailing.

Gort enjoy the games next week but don't put a jinx on our Phils.

mean old man said...

Congratulations to the Commie who runs this site for making the most influential list, although i'm sure he's on a few other lists. If you don't know what I'm talking about ask ol' Joe McCarthy or J. Edgar Hoover--two 'real' Americans!!! I hate you all!!!!

AboveAvgJane said...


I have some qualms about the most influential blogs list too. CI makes the list some weeks and not others; you are right that it should be in the top 3 every week.

Gort said...

Forest, Both the Sox and Yanks will be in the playoffs. I may have done the jinx thing again. Everytime I write something about the Phils playing well they go into a tail spin.

Bill, I never signed up for anything at BNN.

Jane, I also noticed that the rankings bounce all over the place.

And it's good to have the mean one back spreading his cheer.

Bill Fitz said...

ok thats cool i just can't think of why John is not on it, I have seen some ranking done by various other people and he is always top 5

Gort said...

What other rankings?