Friday, September 28, 2007

The Death Penalty

The face of evil, George Banks.

25 years later the case of George Banks is in the news again. The latest controversy revolves around the question of whether he is sane enough to execute. Anyone spending 25 years on death row has to be nuts.

That's what is wrong with the system. You go through appeal after appeal in a pretty cut and dry case. There is no doubt that this guy committed the crimes he has been convicted of but some sort of technicality or legal argument will delay carrying out the sentence of DEATH. And that is the way it should be. Just eliminate the death penalty, the cost to the system and the families is not worth the retribution.

So many times we later found out that an innocent person was executed. The death penalty belongs to another era. I don't often agree with Bill O'Reilly often but he once said that convicted murderers should be put in a prison on the North Slope of Alaska and if they get out they will have to deal with the elements or Polar Bears.

Executing George Banks doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't make us any safer.


Anonymous said...

Fry Mumia

other than that i agree with you. I think the it is pointless to kill someone like banks, I think the death penalty should be reserved for terroroist like mumia. Also terrorist like Tokkie Williams should be senatnced to death, but offered life if they give upo thier home boys to the police. i do not really think it is a deterrant to murder, but I think it is a good way for the police to find out more information. Tookie Williams could have helped the police crackdown on more fgang members but he refused to help. I think it is importnat to have the death penalty on the table for stuff like that, but for situaions when a guy killed someone out of rage or craziness like banks it is not helpful to socity. Alos what true conservatove wants to give the government power to kill people

pope george ringo said...

His Holiness believes that the one true way in dealing with convicted murderers is not to execute them but to sentence them to life and hard labor. Eight hours a day breaking rocks and moving them from side to side, six days a week, leaving SUndays for them to contemplate their actions and pray for redemption. God Bless.