Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where are the local Democrats?

The Luzerne County Republican Party and Row office nominees have had a bunch of high profile get togethers, media events and fund raisers since the the May Primary but I've hardly heard a peep out of the Democratic row officer candidates.

Democratic Judge candidate Bill Amesbury has been on the hustings and Tina Gartley has a slew of events listed on her website. Republican Dick Hughes is also working hard. I have bumped into Judge Thomas Burke (R), who is up for retention, in a few places and I have yet to hear anyone say a bad thing about him. As far as I know he is not even raising money. The other judge up for retention, Peter Paul Olszewski Jr., knows that he is in trouble and has an event this week. Via PittstonPolitics.com PPO-2 will host a retention rally this Thursday, Oct 1 at 7PM. It will be held at the Red Mil Tavern in Pittston.

It looks like the Judicial candidates are running their campaigns independently of the county Democratic Party. That is probably a good stratergy.

Back to the row officer races.

Long time Register of Wills Dottie Stankovic is up against Republican Gina Nevenglosky. I always liked Dottie because she wouldn't always play ball with the powers that be. Her best endorsement came from former county Democratic Chairman Joe Mazur who was "gleeful" that Steve Flood lost the Controller nomination to Maryanne Petrilla in 2005. He said that "She and certain other people have been a cancer within the organization."
I haven't been to any Polka festivals lately so I haven't seen Dottie. Gina has scheduled an event at the courthouse on Saturday October 10, 2009 at 1:00PM.

Republican Carolee Medico Olenginski is looking to return to the office of Prothonotary after being defeated twice by the disgraced Jill Moran. Carolee has been everywhere since the primary and I still predict that she will win in a walk. Nurse Nancy Bellas won the Democratic nomination in May and hasn't been heard from since.

In the Controllers race Bob Morgan surfaced today to complain about a math error on Walter Griffith' s campaign finance report. Morgan was the only Democratic candidate for Controller in the primary which I thought was kind of weird for an open seat. Take a look at Morgan's report and you will see some familiar names. This is the first times in months that I have read Morgan's name in the papers or anywhere else. Griffith has been everywhere asking people for their vote.

Regular commenter Will Toole, the Independent candidate, has been pressing the flesh, working the blogs and writing letters to the editor. His latest missive in the CV asks the same question I have been asking the last few years.

Why hasn't casino gambling reduced property taxes?

I'm sure (hope) that our Democratic candidates will be more visible in the next few weeks before the election. If they think that they can rely on the registration edge to carry them to victory they are in for a big surprise. You still have to ask people for their vote and in this toxic atmosphere that may not be enough.


Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

In all seriousness, does it really matter who wins an election in Luzerne County? You can put a new suit on a hobo, but in the end, he is still a hobo.
The corruption, greed, and arrogance that has been at the forefront of Luzerne County political culture will remain as it is a byproduct of the very voters who created it. IN other words students, when we look at the pristine marble, terra cotta, structure that is the Luzerne County Courthouse, we see what we want to be; when we look at the officials we elect to serve there, we see what we are. No election, now or ever, is going to change this fact; and, mind you, both of our disgraced jurists ran on the very premise that the three judicial candidates presently are running on--honest, integrity, etc. etc.
"The fault Brutus, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves."
Class dismissed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everone afraid to make a move

Anonymous said...

Not sure that Bob Morgan really wants to put forth any effort (or spend much money). Pretty sure he's employed by PNC Bank, which is involved with so many of the bonds that have been issued. Safe bet that it would be a conflict of interest for him to be county controller and remain employed by PNC. Maybe you could ask him what he intends to do if elected Gort. Does he intend to resign from his position at the bank, or does he plan to appoint Wil Toole as deputy controller, and then resign as controller so Wil can have that job while Bob remains at the bank? Food for thought regarding that candidate.

Anonymous said...

This is true and Bob Morgan has stated in the Primary Election that he was not going to quit his job at PNC Bank to be the County Controller. PNC Ethics state clearly that you cannot have employment outside of PNC Bank if you will be doing Audits..
This is a phony scam by the Democrats and Wil Toole is involved as well that why he didnt run against Morgan in the Primary.

Wil Toole said...

For the sake of the two Anonymous postings bantering my name about, I think it would be a good idea to not let these silly thoughts take root. First of all, I have never had a conversation with Bob Morgan other than to mention to him at the St Rocco's Palm Sunday Smoker that I was thinking about running. He smiled and that was the end of the conversation. I have no personal problem with Morgan and I have never spent time with him socially. I know who he is, he knows who I am, end of story.

Both Anonymous posters need to know that I was never a follower and never a lap dog. One of the reasons that Democratic leaders never honored me with nominations or appointments to various county Boards is because I was always considered uncontrollable. That's not braggadocio, that's pure fact. When this election is over, I will be one of two things, County Controller or a regular at our Social Club but certainly not a Deputy Controller.

I didn't run in the Primary because I made a decision prior to the Primary campaign to become an Independent. After much thought, I decided that the Controller position should be an Independent and I'm very comfortable in that role. There isn't one politician or Party official that I owe a single thing to. When the financial reports are filed, it will be plain to see how much Democratic help I've received. I have personally typed every address label I've used or plan to use. I designed my own signs and have written every word I've made public. I am my own consultant. My son with his girlfriend spent a full day putting up my signs. My grandson spent a day with me putting them up and two friends went with me on two occasions crossing the county with signs. I have also gone out myself and put us signs. This is a big county and it covers many miles; it isn't easy but nothing worth having comes easy. I have done what I think I need to do and I will continue as election day draws near.

Obviously, I did hope to have help, both physical and financial but being an Independent prevents many Party people from stepping over the line. I have had many good wishes and words of support from both Parties and I appreciate every good word. Just today, I was out putting up signs and people passing would blow there horns and signal thumbs up. On woman rolled down her window and yelled "good job Wil, good job". I am encouraged and I'm in this to the end, I will not stop my forward progress. I hope that many more voters visit my web site (www.BestControllerCandidate.com) and learn more about me, who I am and what I've done with my life. I think my work history is tailor made for the Controller's position and I believe that anyone who reads my personal history will see that I have been involved in my community my entire life.

Anonymous postings can sputter all they want but I am a serious candidate and I have serious plans to not just audit the county's fiscal activities but to also be a part of the county's fiscal recovery. I'm not running to go to war with anyone and I'm not interested in the gotcha mentality. I am determined to work with the other Row officers as a united team to bring Luzerne County into the world of pride and to help Luzerne County earn an image of trust and become a place where industry can locate because of the historical work ethic of our citizens and our desire to rise above adversity. Hazleton may be the "Can Do" city but Luzerne County will be the "getter dun" county. We can succeed but only as a united body hell bent on establishing a base built on pride. I will do my share but we all have to lay done our stones and pick up our tools. Together we can getter dun!

Anonymous said...

Good job Willy Me Boy ..... great post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wil,
Do you think you can now start to talk about how you were instrumental in getting a disability pension from Pittston City ? Is that how you worked for the people of Pittston ? How about the facts about working at the Pittston Tomato Festival and getting paid from the City ? Oh and then there was the issue of being a City Clerk that inflated your own paycheck by paying yourself overtime so you can get a huge pension.I appreciate the flattering words about "Getter Dun" and all but the last thing we need in County Government is someone that has huge political baggage, and political ties to Paul McGarry, and others, in County Government. I think if I remember well you were not part of Pittstons Financial recovery but part of its implosion..I am sure the work for your campaign is being done by you and you alone. just like the petitions were circulated by Patrick Toole, I saw you myself at the Pittston Area School Board circulating your own petition and I saw Terry Best circulating your petition as well as John Bushko circulating your petition but funny how none of these guys were on the petitions as circulators. This is what we dont need in Luzerne County more half truths and more political deals. Wilfed Toole is a phony. These are the real facts no stones just the facts.

Anonymous said...

That West Side Blogger just can't deal with it ..... I hope Wil continues to treat you like a nonperson with an agenda. That folks was the truth as the Westsider sees it. Ignore him Wil, he is bitter man with a history of personal failure and you're really getting to him. Getter Dun!

Anonymous said...

Mr Valenti wrote very similar comments on his blog and everyone knows that Wil Toole filed a law suit against Valenti because Valenti wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it. As the man said, Valenti is a bitter man who needs a life. I personally asked Wil about his son being the only signature on his petitions. Wil explained that the election law is different for Independents and Third Parties. The Primary has petitions, the General has nominating forms. The difference is that the General nominating forms are considered to be all one form with "pages" and signed by one person. The Primary petitions are all individual and require a signature for each "form". Does anyone with a brain believe that if Wil filed wrongly he would still be on the ballot? Valenti doesn't remember that this was an issue at the time of challenging candidates and the head of the Election Bureau set the question straight. If Mr Valenti checked, he would have known that but obviously, his only job in life is to smear Wil Toole and never let the facts get in the way of a good smear. Getter Dun Wil

Anonymous said...

Don't see where any of the above anonymous posters really gave much thought to Mr. TOOL. Appears to be more directed at Mr. Morgan's intentions. Mr. TOOL just wants attention. Whatever, he's a TOOL of the power brokers in the valley.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13 You made a very strong statement that you always sign your name and don't post Anon. To much free coffee? Take the Westsider and look for some good to do in the world. Preaching isn't doing God's work nor is posting mean shots at anybody including Skrep.

Wil Toole said...

I just read Gort's post with regard to the natural gas drilling. After I read it, I noticed that NOT ONE comment was posted. This posing has received 11 comments and some of them deal with me being a lightening rod. How about if everyone stops, gathers their thoughts, review self priorities and then take two minutes to read "Gas Pains". Forget about me and petty politics, this is serious business and there are people writing in these blogs that have something of real value to say. They have a message that really should be delivered from each of us to all of our email friends and beyond. Stop the silliness about how good or bad Wil Toole is and get into something of real consequence. As you read Gort's post, you will have opportunity to link other very interesting blogs. T thank Gort for introducing me to information by Don Williams and his site, Susquehanna River Sentinal. Do yourself, your children and your grandchildren a favor and read what has been made available. Who the next County Controller is, is not even on the scale when compared to this. Do it, read it. Thanks, Gort and Don.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong Wilfred. Cant you answer the post from anon 12:06 this is party politics as usual and you are a "wheeler Dealer" and a democrat for 40 + Years and now change to "Independent" do you think the people are that dumb ? What about the fact that you couldnt get the Governor to appoint you to the Controller's position because he was told by the Democrats in Luzerne County that you were a political hack.

Anonymous said...

You guys have got to get your act together. One minute Toole is the Democrat fair hair boy and the next the Democrats pulled the Controller appointment away from him. You two birds may not realize it and I guess I shouldn't tell you but this pure hate you continue to heap onto Wil Toole is driving people into defending him. I for one don't think I would even have cause to mention his name if it weren't for you guys pounding him so incessantly. When this election is over, he should take you guys to lunch. Give it and us a break, its getting real old. Yawn!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:29PM Right on brother/sister, right on. It is obvious that there is one or two people absolutely obsessed with Wil Toole. I guess I'm obsessed with him also because I think he is the only Controller candidate that can do the job we need done. So my vote cancel's the Hammer's vote and now Toole has a level playing field. No need to thank me Wil, this is my pleasure. By the way, I met Wil Toole through a friend and speaking with him one on one can really make one aware of how much knowledge he has and I agree with the ideas he has put forth.