Friday, March 13, 2009

Jill Moran resigns

This is Luzerne County Prothonotary Jill Moran last day on the job. . The TL reports she spent yesterday barracaded in her office saying goodbye to colleagues. It may be the most time she spent in the office over the last 7 years because she had other things to do like building houses in Mountaintop that never actually got built.
She is a law partner of PA Child Care owner Robert Powell who has been paying off the Juvie Brothers to send kids to his private for profit juvenile jail in Pittston Twp. Powell, Moran, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan are investers/partners in W-Cat Inc . that has defaulted on loans to a bank run by Conahan and Louis DeNaples. There are other investors in the project that are not part of any of illegal activities and they got screwed. She protected Powell by altering an IRS tax lien in the county database to read John Doe. I could go on and on.
She claims that some people allegedly attempted, without Moran’s "full knowledge and consent, to use Moran to facilitate frauds.”
I don't buy it.
Deputy Prothonotary Elizabeth Decker will run the office until the winner of the election takes office next January. 2 Republicans and 3 Democrats are running to replace her.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone buy her claim? this burns me that she walks away from this

Big Dan said...

When she showed up to say goodbye to collegues, did they say: "Who's the new chick???"

Mean Old Man said...

How do you and your liberal thug friends sleep at night after destroying this fine young lady's reputation?!?!!!

Big Dan said...

“We’re just going to try to keep serving the public,” Decker said.

Oh, you mean like switching your friend's names on liens?

She served as attorney for PA Child Care.

Here's what I find suspicious: Powell says the judges extorted him in the juvie case, Moran works in Powell's law if the judges were extorting Powell as he claims, he and Moran entered into the townhouse deal with people who were extorting them on a different issue? That sounds to me like they were all friends. If the judges were extorting Powell on the Juvie business, why was he entering into other things with them, too? Does that make any sense? It doesn't to me!

Get a brain, MORAN!!!

Big Dan said...

Is there a difference between these 2 sentences:

1. Moran voluntarily informed prosecutors that people known to her attempted, without her knowledge and consent.

2. Moran voluntarily informed prosecutors that people known to her attempted, without her full knowledge and consent.

Did anyone catch that? EVERY TIME that sentence is in the paper, TV, or radio, they make sure to say full.

That means, using logic, that this sentence is true (and I'm not trying to be funny here):

People known to Moran attempted, with her partial knowledge and consent, to use her to facilitate frauds that deprived residents of Luzerne County to their right to honest services by those people and other individuals.

That is an absolutely TRUE sentence, based on her official statement! And partial knowledge and consent IS knowledge and consent!

Does anyone get this???

Ask her to say UNDER OATH, "without any of my knowledge and consent"!

Big Dan said...

What kind of BULLSHIT is the statement: "without my FULL knowledge and consent"???

Big Dan said...

Technically, that is an admission that they had her partial knowledge and consent!!! NO ONE can argue this!!!