Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ciavarella wants his pension

And you thought that the AIG bonuses were outrageous. According to the story in the CV by Dave Janoski former Luzerne County President judge Mark Ciavarella may be able to collect $6800 a month until he is sentenced for taking bribes for sending kids to the PA Child Care facility in Pittston Twp. The other juvie brother Michael Conahan has been pulling in $8073 a month since he retired in January 2008 and was even able to cash out part of his pension ($300,00) before the shit hit the fan. Both have plead guilty in the probe and will serve 87 months in prison if Federal Judge Edwin Kosik agrees to their plea agreement. Kosik could reject the agreement and this could drag out for a long time.

In other juvie brother news Participant 2, multi-party Bob Mericle, has hired some big legal guns to defend himself in 2 of the class action suits. Although he does not face criminal charges, Mericle and his company have much at stake in the civil-rights claims filed by more than 175 former defendants in the county’s juvenile court. The suits seek millions in damages from Mericle, the judges, and other individuals and companies implicated in the federal case on the grounds that the juveniles were wrongly imprisoned and denied legal representation.


Anonymous said...

Bob Mericle is going to need all the help he can get no charges yet still flipping rocks

Mean Old Man said...

It's nice to see that these two fine young men will at the very least have "some" money after having their reputations destroyed by the liberal media and the Obama justice department. God bless Mr. Conahan and Mr. Ciavarella!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the civil rights cases are in Federal court. Judge Cuputo is solid.

But it is nice of Mr Mericle to pick up the tab for defending these suits. Ciava and Con should pay back some of that bribe money as a nice gesture. Morgan Lewis is expensive. Local counsel Kim Borland usually only does good guy work (and he is the best civil rights guy in the area), so it is surprising to see him take this one. But I guess he needs to put bread on his table as well.

Anonymous said...

Caputo is a solid guy for sure. As a loyal Clinton appointee and his daughter being Hillary's press secretary you can bet he'll land on the liberal side of an argument.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same solid federal court that doles out huge cash for any non-sense bullshit infringement of civil rights violations.

Former sheriff's deputy Norman Sallitt deserves $380,000 for wrongful discharge from his low paying job?

These whacko liberal judges must be whiffing jenkem