Friday, March 06, 2009

“It's a great time to be a Republican in Luzerne County”

That was the message of Luzerne County GOP Vice-Chair Paul DeFabo before a big crowd at the Wilkes-Barre HQ last night. He said that because of all the scandals engulfing the county Democrats "if we can't win this time, we never will." It's hard to argue with that but after getting wiped out in the county elections in 2007 they still have a big hill to climb.


DeFabo outlined the process the party will use to endorse a slate in the primary. A straw poll of the local committee people will be taken then the executive committee will give their blessing to the lucky few. I suspect that they have already made up their minds. I still think that is a mistake and smacks of the heavy handed way the county Democrats have done things for years. It's been a long time since the Republican nomination has been worth something and trying to stack the deck might backfire. Notable by their absence were some members of the executive committee.


A few local bloggers made it including the Yonk who has a write-up of the event at The Lu Lac Political Letter.

Zen, Norton and McGruff were in the audience and will hopefully chime in later. The local media focused on America's Mayor Lou Barletta speech. Bill O'Boyle of the Times-Leader has a recap here.


Anonymous said...

"absence were some members of the executive committee"... You've got to be kidding. They're all over at the Westmoreland Club, drinking their 12 year old scotch and laughing at this group. Lieutenant's are in the crowd as I can see.

They already bought and paid for who they want to be elected... they did this with a deal cut with the democrats in late January.

Until this 'executive committee' is tarred and feathered and sent down the Susquehanna on a log, don't expect much change in this year's election.

What a joke!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!!! Funny Casey has a big event and his work took him out of town. Great DIRECTION!!!

Anonymous said...

Casey can't get his nose out of Sordoni's ass

Paul Revere Jr. said...

endorsing is one of the most bone-headed decisions ever made in this county. Ditto's to anon 2:26 above.

Anonymous said...

"It's a great time to be a Republican in Luzerne County”

Yah, its like wanting to have diarrhea