Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lawyers, Judges and money

The problem is not that Judges take money from lawyers before they are elected. The problem is they take money from lawyers after they are elected.

The Times-Leader today has a rundown of all the local barristers who gave money to the election or retention campaigns of the Juvie Brothers. It reads like the yellow pages when you look up an attorney. Just about everybody who practices law in Luzerne County kicked in a few bucks to Michael Conahan and Mark Ciaverlla, some of them gave very big bucks.
A clip of the scissors to Wilkes-Barre Online for the image above.

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Terri, W-B said...

Take a look at the names, especially those running for Judge and one running for controller. Very interesting:

Eugene Sperazza, CJ Bufalino, Mark Bufalino, John J Terrana, Tina Gartley, Are all running for Judges and Atty's

Nanda Palissery another Atty Controller

Remember these names, DO NOT VOTE FOR EITHER OF THEM. There are other candiates running that according to this list have not given any money. Even HARRY's YOU PULL IT GAVE MONEY, $3,500. Is the corruption stretched out to the junk yards. What's next!