Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who's running for what?- Plains Township and Wilkes-Barre Area School Board

I will bore you with occasional posts about 2 local elections because I live in the jurisdictions.

6 Democrats are running for the 2 Plains Twp Commissioner seats up this year. Incumbents Rose Corcoran and Joe Hoinski will be facing off against Steve Wachilla, Jerry Yozwiak, Robert Sax and John Bonita. I think the hot issue is why did the Commissioners slip $1 million of the slots money back to Mohegan Sun. We are supposed to be making money off the place not subsidizing it.

Wilkes-Barre Area School District has 4 seats up for grabs. Incumbents Lynn Evans and Jim Height will be competing with Robert M. Corcoran; Michael Desiderio; Harry Haas; Christine Katsock; Phillip B. Latinski; Thomas F. Malloy; James F. Susek.


Taxpayer said...

Phil Latinski for School Board...are you kidding???This guy never gets enough from the taxpayers of this City..He is currently collecting a pension for part time work as a city council rep and sits on the Civil Service Board and also on the Wire Free Wilkes Barre ..when does this guy have time to spend all the free money he gets..this is a real joke and more of the same for the taxpayers of Wilkes Barre School District. Taxpayers need to send this guy packing and fast..

PArepublican said...

Congratulations to Harry Haas on winning a seat on the WB school board!