Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bob Sypniewski for Controller

From a press release.


Bob Sypniewski will announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Controller in Luzerne County on Saturday March 14th at the Republican Headquarters on Public Square, Wilkes-Barre. The announcement will be at 11:00 am and doors will open at 10:30am.

Bob has been self-employed as a Mortgage Consultant for the past 10 years in the Back Mountain and is the CEO of 5:19 Investments, LLC a company dedicated to raising joint venture capital for various business projects throughout the state. Bob says his recent service on the Luzerne County Assessment Appeals Board was a major factor in his decision to run for controller. Sypniewski explained "As I helped people through the appeals process, I saw the harm government can inflict on it's citizens when it is poorly run. As a life-long resident of Luzerne County, I decided that I could no longer simply sit back and watch a steady stream of politicians put their own self interest above the interests of the people they were chosen to represent".

Bob - the 15th of Wilkes-Barre Police Officer Stanley and Blanche Sypniewski's 16 children, Bob was born and raised in the Heights. After graduating from GAR Memorial High School, Bob attended Luzerne County Community College where he majored in Human Services.

Bob currently serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Family Coalition and is an active member of Cross Creek Community Church in Trucksville. Other memberships include the PA Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Better Business Bureau. In 2008 Bob served as the Chairman of the Friends of James May Committee. He lives in Dallas with his wife of 11 years, Tara Harteis and their children: Christian 9, Ethan 7, and Gavin 5.


James May said...

Bob Sypniewski will make a fantastic controller. I encourage everyone who supported me, to also support him.

Congratulations Bob! You have my full support.

James May
2008 Candidate for the PA State House

Dave in Dallas said...

Don't know him real well, but he looks like a decent choice. Will like to learn more. So far, he probably has my vote, as long as he isn't in hte back pocket of Casey & Co.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who Steve Urban is supporting in the race for Conroller or Protonetary? Gort, do you know?

Julie said...

Bob will make a great controller! I know him personally and he will make a wonderful change and will keep everyone's best interest in mind. I hope he makes it!!!

Michele said...

What a fresh change Bob will make if he makes it. Best of luck to him!

Carol from Dallas said...

I know Bob personally and I have so much faith in him, that I changed my party from Democrat to Republican just to vote for him. He is honest and he would be a great asset to the County.

Anonymous said...

Little is really know about this neophyte. He sounds good, but there's nothing of real substance?

What are his investments?

Anonymous said...

Met this guy at candidates night. He seemed ok, but later found out he's a suit. Doesn't have much of a business and his father-in-law keeps him in money, I'm told. Did reassessment appeals because he doesn't have much income from whatever mortgage brokering he had going. Sources said he closed his office many months ago.

What exactly qualifies him for this office as he is short of a real record? Maybe he sells amway as that's what his wife's family does.

Johnny Appleseed said...

Bob was on the Luzerne County Board of Appeals because his family and friends are connected to the County.. More of the same old same old. Lets elect someone that has the people of this County in mind and will fight for the Citizens..Lets elect Walter Griffith to the position of County Controller nothing will get past this guy, His track record speaks for itself..

Dave in Dallas said...

Johnny Appleseed -
That is a serious allegation, and one that would certainly influence my decision. If what you say is true, I probably won't vote for Bob. So...

1. How do you know that he is "connected to the county"? What do you mean,specifically, and what proof do you have?

2. If #1 is indeed true, are you certain of a quid pro quo? Are you certain that he got the job as a favor, due to a family connection? Again, be specific and give proof please.

Like I said, if that is true, please let me know because I will not consider supporting him. However, if it is not true, I will not even take a second look at Griffith, if his campaign throws out false allegations.

So, now is the time: put up, or shut up. If you put up, I will not suppot Bob; if you shut up, I will not support Griffith. Have at it...

ComputerGeek-Man said...

Question for Walter Griffith:

Walter, I heard you on Sue Henry today. Good job. I also saw that you commented on Gort the other day; so you obviously read the blog, and I know you are reading this.

Please comment on "Johnny Appleseed" above. Do you know that allegation to be true (The only reason Bob got a job was because of a family connection to the county)? If you have no proof, why are supporters of yours beginning a negative, mud-slinging campaign?

Tell your supporters (that goes for you, too, George H of Dallas) to cut the crap and stick to the issues.

Matt said...

Hey anonymous and Johnny Appleseed, Argue with a fool and they will win all of the time, they have experience.

ComputerGeekMan said...

Congratulations! You win the prize for the "Dumbest Thing Ever Said on a Blog" Award.
The saying about the fool goes:

"Never argue with a fool. People may not know the difference". A variation is, "When arguing with a fool, make sure he is not doing the same thing".

But, "Argue with a fool, they'll win, they have experience"?????? That's just plain stupid! It doesn't even make sense. (Maybe you were thinking of Mr. T's: "I pity the fool" routine? At least HE made sense!!) Nice try, but next time don't say something so utterly FOOLISH when calling someone a fool.

More importantly, now that we got that little bit of business out of the way. It sounds to me like you are telling anonymous and Johnny Appleseed to not answer the question.

And why might that be? hhmmmmmmmmm?

We are all waiting for our answer. And, yes, a non-answer IS an answer.

Dave in Dallas said...


ComputerGeekMan won that round!

Matt, sorry, but he's right - you really didn't make much sense;

and yes, I also think we deserve an answer to the question).

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:28 -
I could really care less who wins this, but you are a flat out liar. You say that you met Sypniewski at the candidate night? So you meet him on Thursday, and now you claim to know everything about him: you know his family, his father-in-law, why he was on the assessment board, what business his wife's family is in, that his father-in-law keeps him in money and that his wife sells Amway?


Either you did NOT just meet him (which makes you a liar); or you are making stuff up (which makes you a liar). Either way, same result.

Walter Griffith said...

Dear Computer, ETAL:
I am not aware of any information in regard to Bob Sypniewski being connected to anyone in order to get the Luzerne County Reassessment Board position and I do not support the statement that was made by Johnny Appleseed. I will however tell you that I apologise for the statement that was made by Johnny, and assure you I will check into the allegations made by him and let everyone know what I find out.
I will also state that I wish everyone well in the upcoming election on May 19th and would appreciate the support of my campaign to become the next Luzerne County Controller

Walter L Griffith Jr.
Candidate for Controller

Anonymous said...

I happened to have attended a public meeting at the courthouse where Mr. Griffith was present. From my recollection, the topic at hand was job appointments. Mr. Griffith himself had to correct the commissions panel, stating that public meetings had to be held on appointments and the public itself had to be notified in order to be in Compliance. Also, a quote came from one of the staff attorneys that Mr.
Griffith probably knows the county code more than anyone he met, a Rare Breed and something the county needs more of in this day and age.

Dave in Dallas said...


"Johnny Appleseed", "anonymous", and George H. have been proven to be total liars who throw mud at a good guy: Bob Sypniewski. I hope this is not a sign of things to come with this campaign. If you have something positive to say, say it. If you have a TRUE negative issue, say it, but be able to back up what you say with facts. I am done on this comment portion of the blog. Walter, thanks for your feedback and apology; Bob, you must be a pretty strong candidate to have this much mud thrown at you this early in the campaign. All the best to everyone who is crazy enough to run.

Family First said...

I would like to say to everyone out there. Before you go and bash Bob Sypniewski, find out your facts, First of all he has no one from his family that has any connection or works for any court postions. Second of all if his father in law keeps him in money why would he need the county controller postion. Third, he still has his mortgage company. I just closed on my house , and it's because he was my mortgage broker. So what that he's in laws sells Amway. What does that have to do with anything. If they sold dog food would that make a differnce.
All I know he is a hard working person , who is looking for a change,a change to help everyone out there. It appears to me that people out there can'y find any wrong doing on him so they have to attack his family.