Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Target letters

We have been hearing that various people have been receiving "target letters" regarding the corruption investigation of the Juvie Brothers in Luzerne County.

McGruff tells us that WBRE has confirmed some of our local lawyers are expected to appear before a grand jury to answer questions on the PA Child Care matter and the expanding investigation of fixing civil suits.

And the rest of the nation and world is tuned into this story.

This revolting trade in human lives is an incentive to lock people up

When prisons jail kids for cash

And even the Chinese can condem us:

Full Text of Human Rights Record of United States in 2008

Thousands of innocent children have been put into prison by corrupt judges. According to a report of the Spanish newspaper Rebelion on February 20, 2009, among the 5,000 juvenile prisoners in Pennsylvania, an estimated 2,000 were wrongly put into prison by two bribe-taking judges. According to the report, Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan in the Luzerne County took more than 2.6 million U.S. dollars in kickbacks to send teenagers to two private youth detention centers run by PA Child Care and a Sister company, Western PA Child Care. Most of the teenagers did not have a lawyer to turn to.

Tap of the Gavel to Luzerne County Courthouse News for the national and international links.


Anonymous said...

I continue to find it interesting that they don't name names of the people paying the bribes (Powell and Mericle) - just the judges. It seems to follow the line of thinking that you arrest the prostitute, but not the john.

I think those who have paid are as guilty as those who have taken. The payment is the catalyst that engendered the wrong behavior - without them, it is highly unlikely this would have occurred.

What is the press afraid of (locally)?

Anonymous said...

What is the press afraid of locally? That is easy, loss of advertising revenue!

Coal Region Voice said...

Like in the movie Witness, when Book says about cops who "Lost their way."

The judges somewhere lost theirs.

Anonymous said...

A wide net was cast and they are still trying to find out who is caught up in it.

Big Dan said...

Check this out, Gort from Ort, it goes big on the Juvie Bros.


Anonymous said...

Please... Please... Please... We need a Mericle. More Money, Pass The Money its almost election time