Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Republicans to endorse today

The Luzerne County Republican Party make its endorsements based on the results of a county-wide poll of all committee people. Chairman Terry Casey said.“We want to conduct this endorsement process in an honest, open, fair and transparent way, just as we promise to govern in Luzerne County. Ours is a simple message: we want to restore honesty and integrity to the county courthouse and we’re starting by conducting an honest and open primary in our own party.”

I'm going to make some predictions. First the easy ones. There are only 2 Republicans running for the Court of Common Pleas, Dick Hughes and Michael Pendolphi, so that is a no brainer and Gina Nevenglosky is the only candidate for Register of Wills in the primary.

Carolee Medico Olenginski and Walter Mitchell are in the running for Prothonotary and I think that former Prothonotary Carolee will get the nod.

The hottest race shaping up seems to be for Controller. To get the nod a candidate has had to be a registered Republican since Feb. 16, 2008 so that rules out Edd Brominski. The contenders are Alice Coffman, Walter Griffith, Nanda Palissery and Bob Sypniewski. My reading of the tea leaves tells me that Nanda Palissery will be the anointed one.

You can read the POLIICIES & PROCEDURES FOR ENDORSEMENT if you are interested.

UPDATE: I got them all right.

As predicted Hughes and Pendolphi were backed for a seat on Court of the Common Pleas and Nevenglosky was backed in her uphill battle to be the next Register of Wills.

Former Prothonotary Carolee Medico-O got the nod over President for Life of the breakaway Republic of Bear Creek Village Walter Michell with a vote of 75 to 55. I still think that Carolee will sail through the primary and be returned to the Prothonotary's office in the fall.

The battle for the endorsement for County Controller was closer than I expected with Nanda Palissery edging out Walter Griffith 51-39.

I was stuck by how many Do Not Endorse votes were cast in each race.

Overall only 132 of the 272 Republican Committee people returned a ballot and they still don't have a full compliment in the county. Maybe I should run for Republican Committeeman in my little burgh because we don't have one.


Josef Stalin said...

It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes.

Anonymous said...

I think the Do Not Endorse have it right. It looks like insiders are making the picks and will also make the Party look weak if their candidate is not the winner. What can the party deliver if not a primary victory.

Casey is doing an excellent job, but his was a bit of a miss step. But a mistake that can be corrected in the future by staying out of the endorsement business.

Anonymous said...

How can we say that the insiders had the picks. Casey was for Mitchell!
Good luck to Carolee, Nanda, Dick Hughes and very good luck to our incumbent register of wilss Dottie Stankovic. She will have more Republican support than she knows. Gina Nevegonnawin is a disgrace to the Republican party!