Thursday, July 15, 2010

About that hiring policy

The Wilkes-Barre Area school board is supposedly working on a hiring policy for school teachers and other personnel. The sub-committee is being led by board member Chrisintine Katsock and she has asked for input from the masses and got very few comments.

This will fire people up.

W-B Area hires Pizzella's daughter

W-B Area hires daughter of disgraced ex-president

How fucking stupid are these people on the school board? Former Board President Frank Pizella has pleaded guilty to a charge of job selling then they hire his daughter?


Pizza Pete said...

WTF is wrong with you? Is punishment generational? First off, I do not know this young lady and I am not a friend of her father. Renee worked for two years as a substitute which gives her two years experience and she has the educational credentials. Working as a substitute for meager wages and sitting next to the phone waiting for a call to go to work is not an easy way to live. So the assholes think that because her father is a jerk, she should be punished. We need to hire teachers for what they are not who they are and not hiring a person for who they are is every bit as bad as hiring for who they are. Make up your mind, do you want politics in hiring or not? The young lady is qualified and she paid her dues so give her a break. Talk about a Christian attitude! NO pizza for you!

Mean Old Man said...

I am certain that Mr. Pizzella is proud of this fine young lady. God bless her and may she instill the patriotic and moral values that are now missing in our children.

Tony Thomas said...

When was the last time you where in school? The majority of substitute teachers do NOTHING. Most of the time they put on a movie or let the class slide on the work they were supposed to do. Some subs are good, but most are just lazy. The hiring is absolutely insulting.

Anonymous said...

There are teachers who have been on the subsitute list for 5 - 7 years. How did this woman bump ahead. And please credentials, she has a corespondence school master's degree.

The simply fact is, not matter how many people are punished, things will never change, except the way those elected work the system.

The best thing to do is stop worrying about politics and enjoy life.

Throw out the Thugs said...

All of these freaking school board members should be stripped of their duties. Dr. Namey exit the stage. How honest could these board members be in their real jobs if they are so sneaky and so corrupt in a gig that pays nothing to them at least its not suppose to. Word on the street that two other school board members family members are next in line to get jobs as well. Also checkout all the freaking hirings who are related to school board members but just have different last names. The thing that gets me is that these teachers getting hired are cocky about and go around town telling people that they are getting jobs. We have to do away with the school boards because they are horrible. Luz county stop voting for these same horrible canidates when an election comes up.

Anonymous said...

Tony Thomas uses one hell of a broad brush. Sure glad he isn't the king. That comment had to be one of the most outlandish comments I've read on any blog. Welcome to the world of jerks.

Is this the same Tony Thomas that serves as a WB Councilman?

Tony Thomas said...

No it is not. But I have attended the public school system of the WBASD and I know that a fair number of the teachers that they have hired are lazy and ignorant. A majority of the substitute teachers that I have had since first grade have been lazy. Maybe you don't like to hear the truth that the children that go to the WBASD are getting a substandard education, but that's how it is.

tlif zbli said...

How could she afford to pay her loans (she has an MA)

Also she is teaching family and consumer sciences. Is that home ec?

I went to Catholic School and we did not really have bs classes. Shouldn't home Ec be cut in these tough economic times, I am all about cutting art and music, but they are more important than home ec.

Big Dan said...

Pizza Pete: how come whenever an NEPA school board hires a relative or friend, which is all the time...then they are "the best qualified" and "it has nothing to do with that they're a friend or relative"? We're supposed to think all NEPA school board's friends & relatives are the most qualified?

As far as substituting, I can bet without even checking it out that there are many more substitutes subbing MORE than 2 years with MORE qualifications.

My wife was a sub in the area and gave up, watching NEPA school boards hire friends and relatives right out of school in their early 20's, after she subbed for 10 years. Their reason...wait for it..."they were the most qualified"..."it has nothing to do with that they're a relative".

This is BULLSHIT!!!

There should be a law across the board: NO FRIENDS OR RELATIVES OF SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS CAN BE HIRED. If friends or relatives don't get jobs because of this rule, call it "affirmative action".

Do you know how many years I've been hearing that a school board's friend or relative was the most qualified? For DECADES!!! It's bullshit.