Friday, July 23, 2010

Bergman get's a signature

The local libertarians put out a challenge to the major party candidates for the state legislature a few days ago to sign the petitions of their hopefuls as a show of good faith that they truly believe in the democratic process and that all qualified candidates should be allowed to compete.

As predicted the Republicans declined the invitation.

CV: Steve Urban, a Luzerne County commissioner and 14th Senatorial District candidate, called the move a "ridiculous request" and refused to sign Summers' papers...West Pittston Mayor Goldsworthy also declined to sign Mullen's papers, advocating Mullen join his campaign to usurp 10-term state Rep. Mundy. Goldsworthy said he has a stronger campaign and more name recognition than Mullen but believes in the similar ideals as the Libertarian Party...Rick Arnold brushed off signing papers for Bergman, a potential opponent in the 119th race, for fear of invalidating his own campaign.

Democrats John Yudichak and Phyllis Mundy haven't been heard from yet but Gerald Mullery believes in the small "d.""I would sign it. What the hell? I don't have any problem with thatI've met Brian. He's a nice guy. I welcome him into the race."

The lineup

Senate 14

Steve Urban (R)

John Yudichak (D)

Betsy Summers (L)

State Rep 120th

Phyllis Mundy (D) incumbent

Bill Goldsworthy (R)

Tim Mullen (L)

State Rep 119th

Rick Arnold (R)

Gerald Mullery (D)

Brian Bergman (L)

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