Friday, July 30, 2010

Turning the tables on Bonusgate

This is amusing.

Corbett campaign lit displayed on AG booth at county fair

Campaign materials for Republican Tom Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign were displayed at a booth set up by the attorney general’s government office at a recent county fair in Troy, has learned.

A photo provided by a Democratic operative not affiliated with Corbett’s opponent shows campaign buttons and literature on a table, and an official banner for the Office of the Attorney General hangs off the table. Though the photo lacks context, has confirmed that it was taken during the Bradford County Fair in Troy. At that fair, the attorney general’s office had set up a consumer protection booth.

The explanation from the AG's spokesman strains credulity. Nils Frederiksen, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said the materials were placed on the table before staff from the office arrived. Well, who set up the table?

Corbett has been prosecuting Democratic politicians and staffers for doing campaign work on official time but has ignored the Republicans in Harrisburg that have been doing the same thing. He has used his office and taxpayer money to pursue a FRIVOLOUS lawsuit to block Health Care Reform that everyone knows is politically motivated and doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.

Keystone Progress filed a Right to Know request but has been stonewalled.

Keystone Progress recently uncovered emails that revealed Corbett’s office has been working with a Republican campaign organization to plan to overturn the recently enacted federal health care reform law. KP uncovered the relationship in a series of emails released by the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice under a similar request by One Wisconsin Now.

Of course the requested information was denied and KP is going to court.

...the Right to Know Officer (Robert A. Mulle) and the Right to Know Appeals Officer are under obligation to turn this information over to the appropriate legal authorities since every correspondent in this request is a political organization or operative and would have no legitimate reason for being in correspondence with the AG or OAG staff using the time and resources of the Commonwealth.

The list of contacts that KP is requesting:

Republican State Leadership Committee
Republican Attorneys General Association
Republican Party of Pennsylvania
Republican National Committee
American Justice Partnership
Caleb Consulting
Tom Corbett for Governor
Tim Barnes, Chairman, Republican State Leadership Committee
Scott Ward, President, Republican State Leadership Committee
Ben Cannatti, Political Director, Republican State Leadership Committee
Erin Berry, Associate General Counsel, Republican State Leadership Committee
Casey Phillips, Regional Political Director, Republican State Leadership Committee
Michael Luethy, Regional Political Director, Republican State Leadership Committee
Adam Temple, Press Secretary, Republican State Leadership Committee
Robert Sechrist, Director of New Media, Republican State Leadership Committee

Michael Steele, Chairman, Republican National Committee

Karl Rove

Chirag Shah, Campaign Manager for JB Van Hollen WI Attorney General

Rob Gleason, Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Joyce Haas, Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Christine J. Toretti, Republican National Committeewoman

Robert Asher, Republican National Committeeman



Canteloupe Jack said...

Unfortunately, statistically Corbett will be the next Governor. SInce the constitution was amended in the 60's to two terms, there has never been a Guv who wasn't reelected and never has a party succeeded itself. This year is the GOP's turn and this clown will be leading the pack probably with Toomey going to DC. WHat a shame.

PJ the WB Lefty said...

This is a guy who demands to know the identity of bloggers then refuses himself to shine any sun on absolutely anything he does. The hypocrisy is mind numbing. If this guy gets elected governor there is no doubt he will selectively handle disclosure, just like he's handling it in his current post of AG. Bad news.

Anonymous said...

So the Democratic Operative puts the campaign material on a table, takes a picture, and walks away with the "Prize". Pleasssseee.....

I have been at events where the AG personnel show up. They usually come out of Harrisburg. The tables are put there by the event holder, not the AG's office. Even my table was put there. I only had to supply the materials.

Supporters of those convicted or charged would be happy to pull a scam like this one off....but it must be expected in a race like this one.

Anonymous said...

We FBI needs to launch an investigation against him. Even if it's only to force him to release the right to know documents.

Anonymous said...

"Well, who set up the table?"

The fair spans multiple days, so it is likely they set up then went home and came back the next day. Unless you expect people to stay up all night guarding a booth, this would be an easy opportunity for someone with loose ethics to plant a shot.

My question is: Who took the shot? Maybe the FBI should be talking to them. What did Dan Onorato know and when did he know it?

Big Dan said...

WILK will get right on this!!! Like the Orie sisters. WHOOPS! They're Republicans, so WILK will ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22 and 7:35 ...... both of you are a joke! Of course this was a set up, that's why the AG's office responded that it was there before they arrived! Read that again guys and by the way, Aonon 2:22, you had a table yet you post anon? Again, both are jokes, bad jokes.

Anonymous said...

Canteeloupe Jack, A little research on Pennsylvania Governors. Many Republicans have succedded Republicans but in recent years, only R Bill Scranton and R William Shaffer had a Republican succeed a Republican. I think that the lack of succession might be better blamed on the fact that the first Governor to serve two terms was Milton Shap. Appareently, 8 years of any one Party is more than enough.

Beginning with R Daniel Hastings in 1895, he was followed by a long list of Republicans. R Wm Stone, R Sam Pennypacker, R Edwin Stuart, R John Tener, R Wm Sprout, R Gifford Pinchot, R John Fisher, DEMOCRAT George Earl, R Arthur James, R Ed Martin, R John Bell Jr, R James Dugg, R John Fine, Democrats George Leaders and David Lawrence, R Bill Scranton, R Wm Shafer, Dem Milton Shap, R Dick Thornburg, Dem Bob Casey, R Tome Ridge, R Mark Schweiker and current governor, Dem d Rndell.

Since 1895, we have had 18 Republicans and 6 Democrats with 5 of those 6 Democrats serving since 1955.

Only Shapp, Thornburg, Casey, Ridge and Rndell managed to get reelected.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in PA2010 and Gort for running this story w/o any verification whatsoever. It is obvious that the picture was taken to show absolutely no context and there was no reporting on what took place. If I send you a picture of Dan Onorato wearing a "I Hate Children" t-shirt, will you run it as if it is a real story? I can make one. This is obviously staged (by an UNNAMED photographer) or the picture would have included the AG reps who were working the table.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was a set up. This just goes to show that not only conservative bloggers are irresponsible ala Breitbart. Gort has put a dent in his own reputation by posting this without checking the facts first. If Sherrod is successful in suing Breitbart I think Corbett should go after Gort.
Once again, genuine political discussion and facts are thwarted by the bloggosphere. There is no accountability by bloggers so they publish whatever they feel without regard to the truth or the effects.
We should start calling this Andrew Gort's blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,
guess what , there has NEVER been a state AG that went on to be Gov..... i like that stat better!

GO Dan

Big Dan said...

Where's the proof that it was a setup? The Breitbart hoax videos of the ACORN pimp and the Shirley Sherrod video were PROVEN to be hoaxes. Where's the PROOF this was a setup?

SAYING something's a setup, and PROVING it are two different things.

And did you see former Republican Pa. Governor is now getting $75,000/month ($840,000/year) by the Gas Drillers to be a spokesman for them? Has anyone asked Tom Corbett if he's FOR or AGAINST this? Of course not!!! Why would we want Tom Corbett's views on the last Pa. Republican governor being paid $75,000/month to run PR for the gas drillers? Because Tom Corbett is on the gas drillers side, too?

Anonymous said...

Wow Big Dan you are a jealous petty little person aren't you. Why don't you focus on your life instead of being so concerned about others. Maybe then you might actually succeed in life.