Sunday, July 11, 2010

Late to the game

I see Mark is engaging in one of his favorite passtimes, bashing WILK's Steve Corbett:

Not too long ago, I chastised WILK's Steve Corbett for finally coming around to the Marcellus Shale drilling issue way, way, way too late to make a discernible difference...Still, you belittled the clarion calls coming from the Internet while telling us at length about the systematic rejection of your upbringing. And you wasted your time as well as ours by droning on and on about the inconsequential, the meaningless Friendly Sons get-togethers, something you had to do so as to promote domestic tranquility after you shed the headphones.

So I thought I would join in the fun. Because of my work schedule I stopped listening to his show month's ago but on Thursday I was in a place that had WILK on the radio so I had no choice. Corbett was droning on about the 3 candidates for the Federal Bench for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and what a shame it was that they are all men. To make matters worse in his eyes one of them belongs to that sexist organization the Friendy Sons of St. Patrick.

In 2008 presidential primary his show turned into the Whoring for Hillary Hour then after she lost the nomination he backed MCCain because Sarah Palin was on the ticket. To him issues don't matter only gender. I searched for an explanation of this bizarre behavior and it may be found in his interest in eastern religions.

He just may be a reincarnation of the guy on the left in this video.

Or maybe this is just a WLIK staff meeting.

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Big Dan said...

I bet the entire reason Corbett is always ranting about the Friendly Sons is because of his wife.

Big Dan said...

Has Corbett talked about this for an entire show, or because it's a woman, he is ignoring it:

DA charges Sen. Orie, aide to Justice Melvin
Accused of using state resources for campaigning

Big Dan said...

He's been all over that all week...right?

Anonymous said...

Corbett is all schtick. This morning he made a comment about people who sport tattoos as an attempt to be hip and they really were not. This from a guy who is nearing fucking 60 years old and wears his hair long and a beard all over the fucking place. He looks like he is in constant need of bathing, a throw back to the 60's. An aging hippie trying to hang on to his youth. He is all about fascist government control of every aspect of our lives, yet he wants to look like a rebel.
Actually he looks fucking pathetic. He is more desperate to me something he is not than a old man with a trophy wife/girlfriend on his arm. We all know you aren't what you think you are and we all know you are just a sad shell of the man you were.

Anonymous said...

Steve Corbett is nothing more than an act. He is in talk radio. WILK is not a news station like Corbett claims. There is no news at WILK. All the news they give is read from either a newspaper or tv news site. Then they comment on it. He is a fucking entertainer. A clown trying to get people to listen. Then he, like a whore on the street corner, to the business with cash he will shill a product for pay. That is not a journalist, that is not a news person. That is a fucking radio entertainer.
Corbett wants bad things to happen to this area. If people were ever able to take care of themselves, if they were ever happy, if they did not have anything to complain about Corbett would be out of a job. He is unable to focus on anything good, so he needs it to be bad. He needs bad things to happen to good people. He is probably just waiting for an accident at one of these gas sites to take a life, so he can increase his ratings. He is a horrible human being.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me why
Corbett is so against tattoos but not long hair and long beards on fat old men?