Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Libertarians make a good point

And issue a challenge.

If your not a Democrat or a Republican the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania makes you jump through all kinds of hoops to get on the ballot.

I got this press release from the NEPA Libertarian Party.

Wilkes-Barre, PA— According to Northeast Pennsylvania Libertarian Chairman Lou Jasikoff, “the Libertarian Party will be wrapping up their ballot initiative over the next few weeks, and will submit their signed petitions to Harrisburg on July 30th. The deadline for submitting petitions is August 3rd and the Libertarian Party is challenging all candidates to sign the petition as a show of good faith, especially in light of Bonusgate, that they truly believe in the democratic process and that all qualified candidates should be allowed to compete in the arena of ideas.”

“I think it is important for all the candidates to be on record as to whether they are willing to sign the petition because it has been the Republicans and Democrats that have made the rules by which another Party or Independent candidate must meet to be placed on the general ballot. We will focus on those candidates within the districts that we have candidates running for office, specifically John Yudichak, Steve Urban, Phyllis Mundy, Bill Goldsworthy, Rick Arnold, Gerald Mullery, Dan Rae, and David Millard, but will be encouraging all candidates to sign” said Jasikoff.

With the Republican and Democratic parties having a strangle-hold on access to the ballot, candidates from other political camps must go through the lengthy process of getting signatures from registered voters on their petitions to run. The process for Libertarian candidates Betsy Summers, Tim Mullen, Brian Bergman and Tom Anderson began in the cold and rain on primary day.

"Candidates from the major parties say they support all of those who are qualified to be on the ballot. Now is the time for their actions to speak louder than their words," noted Betsy Summers, Senate candidate 14th District.

Jasikoff concluded, “We explain to potential signers that this is not an endorsement but simply an effort to allow them, to allow us, to be on the ballot. That we have men and women dying in Iraq so they can have free elections there and we should not have to fight tooth and nail to get on the ballot here. We hope our current legislators and opponents agree and we will post their responses to our requests after August 3rd.

Good luck getting any of the Republican or Democratic candidates to sign on to this. But if I was running any of the Democratic campaigns I would have my people out there helping them get signatures.

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Big Dan said...

They should talk to Carl Romanelli about this.