Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kanjo family connections

Rep. Kanjorski has a lot of nephews- Above Average Jane

After the Cornerstone fiasco the last thing Congressman Paul Kanjorski needed was another report of a company that employes one of his nephews getting government money. Even though it looks likes he had nothing to do with it. This just adds to the pile of his latest gaffes such as not wanting to be be caught by some nut with a video camera at a town hall and other things. The Barletta people are having fun with that one sending out somebody dressed in a Mr. Peanut outfit saying "I'm a nut for Barletta."

I've been asking for months for an interview with Kanjo but I'm just some nut with a blog.


Anonymous said...

Don't take it personally, he won't even show up to talk to those of us that campaign for him.

D.B. Echo said...

Next time I run into him at a funeral in town I'll have a word with him.