Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barletta on the air

Hazleton, PA The congressional campaign for Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta announced today that it would begin airing its first television ad on both network and cable stations starting Wednesday, July 14.

The 30-second spot highlights Mayor Barletta’s accomplishments and the tough stances he has taken as mayor.

Mayor Barletta said, “Our strong fundraising efforts have allowed us to begin our TV campaign sooner than expected. Paid media is a part of every campaign, but it should not be the only part. I hope Paul Kanjorski will change his mind and agree to meet me in a series of town halls and debates across the district over the next three months.”

“This is our initial ad and we plan to rotate it with other commercials in the weeks and months to come. We felt it was important to get Lou Barletta’s record of accomplishment and positive message out to the voters. The ad will run for indefinite period of time, and we will likely change things up as we head into the busiest part of the vacation season,” said Lance Stange, campaign manager for Lou Barletta.


Anonymous said...

way too early. he doesn't have that much money. I wonder if he will pull a corey and run out of money and not air any commercials in the last few weeks. you know the weeks when people are actually paying attention. if this is barletta's fiscal intellect, what am i saying he has no intellect.

Anonymous said...

If you think this is a bad idea you don't understand fundraising in politics. If Barletta can show numbers that he has a chance, he will get a lot of support out of DC and out of Cadilac Republicans. Keep it close by going up early, show some good numbers and he won't run out of money. I'd bet the buy is on the small side and will drive a poll in two weeks.

A Big Fat Slob said...

"The 30-second spot highlights Mayor Barletta’s accomplishments"
-- 30 seconds of accomplishments? They must have repeated alot.

Anonymous said...

ok lets get serious here,
*raised taxes on property owners 70%
*raised earned income tax on blue collar workers
* raised garbabe collection tax while letting the uncollected bills amount to over a MILLION dollars,
*his protecting citizens has placed the city in a potential 2MILLION dollar plus lawsuit
*given the fiscal mayor award by a Republican Gov years ago......
*HE HAS NO CASH, his ads wont push poll numbers up, he knows his image as a Mayor has been tarnished and is desperate to improve his numbers
*HE has no vision for the City of Hazleton, he is suppose to be the leader of that City and there is no voice coming from him.

Not a three time potential loser, just a loser........

Anonymous said...

The NRCC and the RNC have shoved an unlubricated telephone pole up Barletta's ass in 2 elections now. They promised him the world and when he put himself on the line they stiffed him like a 2 dollar hooker.

The national committees are well aware that even if Lou wins, which he may, he won't win re-election.

There is a wave of discontent against Congressman Kanjorski, President Obama and the dems that are in power. This was the same scenario when Reagan won and a republican took the seat, for one term. It wouldn't even matter if Lou were competent he will lose reelection so the national committees won't sink a dime into Lou's election effort.
Spending money now is stupid, plain and simple. The average voters will just tune out, or worse, there will be a blow back against Lou because they will tire of hearing from him.
Or even worse the same fate will befall him that befell the Lackawana county commish, he will run out of money and not be on the air in the crucial weeks just before the election.

WASTING money this early is just silly. Kanjo is self destructing, the economy is failing why spend money this early? Hold on to it for when you need it. Lou gets plenty of free media because he is an elected official and his race baiting and fear mongering. Why spend cash?

Whomever is advising Lou is a dunce.

Zen said...

I can think of roughly 412 million reasons to not vote for Kanjo. Roughly one reason per taxpayer dollar he has given to his nephew Russell.

Anonymous said...

yea well read about the dredge project in Hazleton, see how well off the Mayors family did on that project, from managing the project, to selling the trucks to haul the toxic waste, to working on the site.
Zen, it isnt that black and white as you want to make it.

Zen said...

not black and white??? To date: Russell and companies he is/was directly involved as a principal with rec'd $12 million in grants (this is a gift from a congressman that doesn't have to be paid back) and just got an almost zero interest federal loan for $400 million (which if the company goes bankrupt also doesn't have to be paid back and please note that Russie has a history of bankrupting a company). that isn't black and white for you anon??

PJ the WB Lefty said...

I'd like to know for real how Lou feels about the birthers, tenthers, and tea baggers...