Thursday, July 08, 2010

Haggerty responds


Just read the Kathy Dobash post. Quite entertaining.

A couple of points:

1. Please don't fall into the trap of letting charter opponents attack the charter by ripping on me, Morelli, or anyone else. If someone wants to attack the charter, let them attack what's IN the charter. That's the question for voters: Is the plan of government set forth in the charter better than our current three commissioner/row officer system?

The charter plan is plainly better than the current system, and in dozens of different ways. Dobash cannot in any way, shape, or form make a coherent argument that the current corrupt system is better than the system set forth in the charter. Hence, the personal attacks. Don't let her get away with dodging the main issue.

2. Facts are clearly not an impediment to a Dobash argument. I was delighted to learn that I'm a "good friend" of Bob Powell. While he, like dozens of lawyers, donated to my state senate campaign in 2006, I can't remember ever meeting the man, although I can't say for sure we never crossed paths. But Dobash here is just making stuff up. She does that. Another case in point: Dobash alleged at a public meeting (as did Steve Urban to the Standard Speaker) that, under the charter, the controller can't access county books until 18 months after a transaction. Well, the charter actually gives the controller access to any county record or employee upon "reasonable notice." Somebody made up the "18 month" argument. Hey, why let the facts get in the way of an important public policy debate?

3. Steve Urban came out against the charter before we even had a charter, and Dobash is a Steve Urban acolyte. Check out her posts worshipping Urban on WILK's website. If the charter passes, Urban loses his job as county commissioner since the office is eliminated. Dobash is clearly unhappy about this.

4. I think Norton may have mentioned to you that study commission members would love to meet with the blogger community to discuss the charter. (And you can see our awesome slideshow comparing the existing form of government and the charter!) Is this something you can set up?

Thanks for listening.




Anonymous said...

your statement, "The charter plan is plainly better than the current system, and in dozens of different ways." just goes to show what a politcial game you are making out of this.

The system isnt broken, it is criminals that did a bad thing in Luzerne County. you want to make this a Democratic issue, but it is a criminal issue.

If you truly sorry for taking the cash from Powell, let me see you contribute that amount to a charity that works for juvie's in our community.

I dont always agree with Dobash, but she is on to something when she states you all have an ulterial motive behind this.

Jim Haggerty said...

Again, this commenter makes no substantive argument (nor could he) against the charter. The "it's not the system, it's the people" argument is a cop out. And if the system doesn't matter, then why not change it and just try a new one?

Has this poster looked at the charter? Does he know what's in it? Is he knowledgeable about how county government is organized? Call me skeptical.

It's a shame eleven people can't volunteer to serve on a government study commission to fix their broken county without being accused of having "ulterial" motives. The members of the commission have spent hundreds of hours over more than a year to improve our county. They have done so as unpaid volunteers. Their only motive has been to make our community better. What's your motive, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Jim thanks for posting her argument is horrible but what do you expect. When people have the chance to change things in this corrupt county they would rather not change anything but just keep on complaining. If Urban, Petrilla, and the other guy are against Home Rule I am clearly for it. When you see connected people still getting hired for jobs even after the indictments it is time for a change. Good luck Jim I am not a Republican but I agree with you 110 percent because its not what party you belong too but its we have to save this sinking ship. Urban and this other lady just want to keep saying no no no but have no way to fix things.

Anonymous said...


You got some juice - you have the mayor posting in response to another guest - you have a bigger following than Lebron.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Haggerty, if you really had anything of substance or fact to back up your argument, why not point them out instead of pointing the finger. Its no secret you are one of the boyz, this whole entity is just another scam in the county, designed to help yourselves, not the taxpayers. The whole scenerio reeks of corruption...appointing a Manager and taking the vote from the people is the first mistake you people conjured up to benefit your own. you don't think the "connections" will come into play with "appointments", lets get real. Look what's happening in our school districts with "appointments", as the FBI so kindly are exposing for all to see. as for your statement: "The charter plan is plainly better than the current system, and in dozens of different ways",..well what are they if you're so sure of them, state them, back them up. as for the 11 people working for no pay...don't worry I'm sure they're getting something out of the back door deals this county is so famous for. we the people, have had enough! if 3 people can't agree and get anywhere, how in the world are 11 going to? you boyz can't shove this nonsense down our throats anymore...we've seen enough and have had enough...we're on to you already ENOUGH!

Don Williams said...


I'd recommend walking away from any further dialogue with Mr(s) Ulterial Anon. Not worth the effort for someone who doesn't have the bal.., umm, backbone to post their real name.

Keep up the good work.

Mark said...

I would like to ask Mr. Mayor Haggerty why folks working, quite obviously working in Kingston, need to be ticketed over and over and over again on street sweeping days by that Navy Seals wannabe of a Parking Enforcement goof?

I'm 200 feet away, behind the structure, with motors whirling, electrical cords all over the place, pumps spinning and with ear-protecting headphones on, but I'm ticketed every time.

Um, why should I have to pay those ill-begotten tickets?

Mayor? Better government? Better governing?

This from the executive who has no problem with working stiffs being fleeced while toiling away in his town?

The Feds are Coming for you Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Mark, I am a resident of Kingston and street sweeping is not a rotating schedule, it is the same day every week. Here's an idea, don't park where you are not supposed to on street sweeping day and you won't get a ticket. Otherwise, you get the ticket you deserve. Obviously you are always the "victim" and never responsible for your own actions.

Rich Heffron said...

It is quite obvious that the statements made above came from those who have not read the charter as proposed so far. If they did they would see that this document bring much more professionalism, transparency and many more checks and balances. Please don't take my word for it actually read the charter before criticizing it. For Dobash to make comments that this committee has broken some advertising law is just self serving and plain wrong. Any one with an ounce of integrity would first check to see who sponsered the show in question
and would then realize that home rule committee had nothing to do with it.
We, as a committee, have taken an oath to study the current from of government, compare with other forms such as optional plans provided by the government and then and only then opt to write a Home Rule Charter if we deem necessary. Further the Home Rule and Optional Plan law which, again, governs the oath which all committee members have taken, specifically states that we have to present our proposed charter as broadly as possible to the citizens of Luzerne County to give the residents the best opportunity to compare it with the present system so they can make an educated decision in November. Mr. Haggerty, being a guest on this show surely followed what is requested for this committee by LAW.
Lastly anyone who thinks that any person on this committee is serving in order to have a job ready for them when the charter passes has absolutely not read this charter. I would challenge anyone to show me how this would be possible according to the election code and the checks and balances that are contained in this charter. By the way, what checks and balances are there in the current system on the hiring process?

I'm afraid that if Mrs Dobash ,herself, wrote this charter she would vote against it.

Rich Heffron Commission Member.

mgiamber said...

Dear Kathleen Dobash,

I find your comments and position on Home Rule fascinating. To have such strong convictions and in-depth knowledge of the Home Rule Charter and the members that make up the Study Commission without hardly ever attending the Government Study Commission meetings requires a great deal of imagination. Have you ever considered writing children’s books? I’ve been attending every Home Rule meeting for the past several months and have no idea who the hell you are. I applaud your open criticism of government. But to sling crap at the wall just to see what might stick is irresponsible and downright mean. With all respect, consider getting yourself some help.

Michael Giamber