Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barletta on gas drilling

For those of you who pay attention know that I have invited all local officials and candidates for office to give us a statement about gas drilling. The latest is from Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta.

"There is no question the Marcellus Shale has the potential to be a catalyst for our region's economic recovery and to be a major part of solving our nation's energy dependence problem.

"This opportunity does not come without its fair share of questions and concerns. It should be the goal of all affected parties to tone down the rhetoric and increase the sharing of information.

"The government and energy companies need to put all the cards on the table and proceed with full transparency. Residents and landowners should continue to express their concerns.

"Our region and our nation have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. We should not turn our back on these blessings. We need to harness these gifts while continuing to be stewards of our land.

"If we can do this, if we can have the transparency and rational dialogue, we can move forward in a way that benefits the community, the nation and the world."

I have also asked Congressman Paul Kanjorski's office for a statement.


Big Dan said...

Layoffs squeezing Hazleton's ability to provide necessary services

Big Dan said...

Rudy Giuliani - "Drill, Baby, Drill"

Big Dan said...

Rudy "9/11" Giuliani stumbles for Barletta

Big Dan said...

Hazleton's unemployment highest in Pa.

Anonymous said...

I hope Lou doesn't slip and fall. He is straddling the fence on this one and if he falls he will quash the place where his balls are supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

check out the photo in the times leader with Lou and Rudy, total disrespect for the flag!!!!

American glad should always be to the speakers right!!!!!!! but then again for these two bozos, it was only a prop!

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at the bright side, they didn't display the Mexican flag to grab the latino vote.

Anonymous said...

oh he did that pandering to the Latinos at Community Park in Hazle Park this past weekend! i mean what politician goes to an event to have fun and brings along a video camera to get footage to use in his campaign ads!

LOU does

PJ the WB Lefty said...

Ask Lou about full transparency with the river sludge he wants to dump into the mines around Hazleton. And if he's gonna run as a real Republican he better practice his "Drill, baby, drill" chant or Sarah won't come and campaign for him.