Friday, July 23, 2010

DCCC backs Carney and Kanjo

DCCC buys time in 40 districts

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has invested approximately $28 million worth of television air time to defend vulnerable incumbents running for reelection this fall, a senior Democratic official confirmed to POLITICO .

Most of the money is going to freshman but they will drop a few bucks to help out our local Congresscritters just like they did in 2008. This is only reserved air time and will surely change before November. I don't see them throwing much money Carney's way after Marino reported he is just about broke.

Congressman Paul Kanjorski however is in another close race with Lou Barletta and needs all the help he can get. He only got 49% in the primary against an underfunded Corey O'Brien campaign and some unknown teabagger who got 17% so they should be on the air soon tearing Barletta a new one.

Kanjo did another telephone town hall yesterday that has the Barletta camp howling.

Economy, health top town hall agenda

Accidental Democratic committeeman Another Monkey gives us the play by play but he never got to ask his question.

And the Dump Carney signs look a bit different.

Anti-Carney force takes new tack


Anonymous said...

so when the DCCC comes in and makes a heavy buy for Kanjo, and they smother Barletta, all i ask,....... is please louie, dont whine, cry, complain, moan, whimper, belly ache,

i mean how far can that 300+k take you . you wont be able to answer, you wont be able to raise cash because the ads Kanjo will do will drive your numbers down.......

being you "tried" out for some minor league baseball team.. you will understand this.


PJ the WB Lefty said...

Barletta is turning into Pat Paulsen, except without being funny.
And Marino is just so weak up there against Carney. I'm sure if somehow in the name of god he won AND the Republicans took the house, Marino wouldn't vote 90% of the time with the tanned Mr. Boehner, would he? Even if it meant screwing the 10th

Stephen Albert said...
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Stephen Albert said...

I don't think Paul Kanjorski has been a particularly effective legislator over the years & he seems to have more of a knack for steering money towards family members than your average mafia godfather does, but I will say this: the guy knows how to campaign and win.

On the other hand, Lou Barletta knows how to blame things on dark-skinned people.

Prof. Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

No amount of cash could save Mr. Kanjorski and Mr. Carney from being defeated in the fall. As accomplices to the inadequate Presidency of Mr. Obama, they shall now pay the price for clearing out our treasury on liberal dream of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Fact is, the only way to cure an ill economy is by offering tax relief to businesses and yes, dare I say it, "big business". Most of the employment in our country is provided by small businesses but big business serves as the battery to the engine. In short, students, one can throw all of the ice they have into a cooler on a blazing summer day; but if the top is not down the ice shall melt as quickly as it is placed. We need to put a lid on it; the spending, the intrusion into personal liberties and on the individuality of our 50 states. I am confident that come November we shall begin the first step to fiscal responsiblity and a strong defense. The action shall be completed in two years when we elect a conservative to the White HOuse. God willing, by then it shall not be too late. Class dismissed!!!