Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meuser moving to the 10th, Skrep moving to the 11th?

CV: Dan Meuser, one of the leading Republican contenders for the 10th Congressional District seat in next year's election, doesn't live in the district...Meuser, a resident of Jackson Township in Luzerne County, lives in the 11th Congressional District, but his home is close to Kingston Township, which is in the 10th...The U.S. Constitution doesn't require congressmen to live in the districts they represent, but political opponents could make an issue of it.

Meuser will try to head them off. He plans to move into the 10th before he files nomination petitions next spring to run for Congress, he said. He has not found a new home.

Meuser said he doesn't want to run for the 11th district seat because he doesn't want to get in the way of Republican Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who is considering running."I respect what Lou has done on immigration, given Washington's disinterest in securing our borders, and I think he is the right candidate at the right time to be in Congress," he said.

Skrep: I’m not running for House

Political functions have been buzzing with talk that Skrepenak is eying a townhome in Jenkins Township because he plans to run against U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke, next year, said Terry Best, a Pittston Area School Board member and Democrat...Best said Tuesday that he mentioned the plan because he was informed about it from reputable Democrats during a political gathering for judicial candidate David Lupas. “It’s all over the place,” Best said.


Anonymous said...

yuddy and skrepnak- could be an interesting primary

Anonymous said...

papers said meuser lived 225 yards from the district line. That sucks- having to move over 225 yards. I geuss he wants this. I hate moving

KAR said...

Meuser lives within a Tiger Woods 6 iron to the district, he's willing to move into the district.

I'd say that shows a genuine committment to the 10th.

Maybe, some day we can get past all the discussions about residency, and contributions, and what constitues a real conservative.

It will be interesting when we finally get down to a discussion of vision,& strategies designed to help the residents of the 10th in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Meuser lives in the 11th, his company is in the 11th. Why isn\'t he running in the 11th? His day to day life is conducted in the 11th, so you would think that is where the bulk of his knowledge would be. Could it be he doesn\'t want to challenge a senior democrat because of all the money he gives the dems? Maybe Hilary and Rangel want to keep their senior congressman in office and wouldn\'t give Meuser the okay to go after the seat in the 11th.

KAR said...


Brilliant analysis, you should be on TV. Get real, Meuser explains in the article in the CV that he respects Lou Barletta, and doesn't want to interfere with Lou's potential challenge to Kanjo.

For republicans this could be a "two-fer", Carney & Kanjo swept out, Meuser & Barletta in, I'd call that a good outcome for republicans.

Team work.

Anonymous said...

Barletta is not running for Congress. He is going statewide. But if Lou runs for Congress and if Meuser likes Barletta so much why has he donated to Kanjo\\\'s war chest? Perhaps he has the wool pulled over a lot of peoples eyes. Boy if Lou has friends like this he better hire security agents to watch is rear flank. There are some returning for Iraq.

KAR said...


Meuser is going for the seat in the 10th, he will reside in the 10th, he will win the seat in the 10th, he will serve the people of the 10th well.

Meuser has explained his reasons for not running in the 11th, as far as I know Barletta is still considering a run at Kanjo's seat.

Ask Barletta if he cosiders Meuser a friend/ally, I believe he would say yes.

Anonymous said...

that is true i think Mueser or Pride pac gave money to kanjo in 2002 and alos in 2006

Joe Leonardi said...

The back and forth riping on each candidate, form within the party, must stop. There is currently a strong anti-republican sentiment in the country, including the 10th. The dems are motivated and are mobilizing. The RNC and NRCC are taking in less money than the DNC and the DCCC. There is a reason for this.

Most middle class republicans are not that supportive of the party because they feel the President is not a genuine conservative. Outside of the war, under this administration, we have had one of the largest spending sprees and expansion of government since LBJ. People are making less real money, real estate prices (some folks largest investment) are falling. People are taking home less money. College tuitions are increasing. People are paying more for health care and receiving less. These are the issues that every day voters care about. These are the concerns middle class conservatives care about. They are upset at how government intrusion, big government, negatively impacts their lives.

The top of the ticket will have a huge influence on Congressional races this time out. Perhaps if the party gets a conservative at the head of the ticket republicans will have a chance. Since there are no conservatives presently running for president, the overwhelming motivation to get the conservative base to the polls will be diminished.

One of the factors that will hurt us the most is the bickering I have seen on this blog and others. While I understand the reasons to push "your" candidate, it does not have to be done by tearing down the other. This sniping, innuendo and rumor mongering will hurt the eventual nominee. If the Carney camp doesn't have "ammo" all they have to do is scan these blogs and they can get all the they want. Remember the Massachusetts furlough program that led to the Willie Horton ad campaign, was brought up in the primaries by Al Gore.

I wish all the best to whomever the nominee is. The ideal time to beat an incumbent is after the freshman year or after the 20th year. If Chris Carney is to be beat it must be done now. But there is a realistic possibility that we may have lost the seat for the foreseeable future. We must not let that happen.

A strong primary based on what each candidate will do, what qualifications they hold and their ability to put forth a positive message may change the negative views many have toward our party. It may also help alleviate the apathy felt by many within the party.

The registration is in favor of republicans, but that won't do any good if registered republicans stay home on election day. If we tear each other apart in the primary, the bridge building, the necessary unifying behind the nominee will be that much more difficult. And if that can not be done and there is bad blood after the primary, the republican voters will stay home, or worse --- they will vote for the status quo.

Let's debate issues and vision and leave the petty infighting off the table and behind closed doors. To win, in November, a united front will be necessary. That front will have to be more than smoke and mirrors. It will have to be genuine, it will have to be solid and it must be strong to demonstrate the resolve necessary to get the job done.

The primary sniping will devalue your candidate in November. And it will help return Congressman Carney
back to the Congress instead of the classroom.

Joe Leonardi

Anonymous said...

gort you should post leonardi\'s comments as a post. he seems on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Joe is right about the Willie Horton issue and are we doing the same thing by posting all of this on a liberal blog? It seems like it is Meuser vs. Hackett- Both have warts but we need to make sure the best one gets elected. There is no perfect candidate- they don't exist. While I favor Meuser and I hope he wins I will support Hackett if he wins the primary. Let's rember the key- Beat Carney- he is talking like a conservative but his voting record and liberal teaching background show him for who he truly is. A liberal who can win this seat and keep it for years to come. Best of Luck to Meuser and HAckett. Fight clean and fair and may the best person win.

Anonymous said...

Bill- we all know he gave but he told us why? helping disabled? Answer to the other post. Lets see what he does now. Barletta will run in the 11th. I looked on Google and apparently Mueser's business is like 400 yards (estimate) from the district line. Now if he agrees to move his business would you say he is committed to the cause? his home is 225 yards out and his business is like 400 yards out and you say he lives his life in the 11th. This again is a non issue that you are trying to make an issue. Even the liberal radio thinks this is ridiculous. Someone called him a carpetbagger- 225 yards is an insult to true carpet baggers that came from the North and destroyed the South? Joke- HA HA

Anonymous said...

Anon- Meuser may not want to challenge a senior democrat in the 11th but rather a democrat lover like Hackett in the 10th. I believe the words are pay to play but Scott thinks that can't happen unless the time line shows he gave to Skrepnak before the contract. Scott- I don't know who is dumber you or your boy Hackett. By the Way- Dave Maderia is now a trader. Dave was a loser in the primary and know your joke of a candidate picked him to run his campaign. Give me a break once a loser always a loser. Long live Carney- he will beat both of these guys without a problem. Tim from Scranton

Gort said...

Anon 4:17,

Joe knows he can post on the front page anytime he asks. In fact, I invite guest posts from anyone.

David Madeira said...


Well said. It's Chris Carney we are after, at least those of us who have the courage to identify ourselves in our posts.

We have some fine candidates who are going to be casting and contrasting their visions in the coming months. That is what a primary is all about. I look forward to supporting the Republican Primary winner to beat Carney in 08.

KAR said...

Welcome aboard Dave,

I'm sure Meuser will appreciate your support in November '08.

Anonymous said...

Its funny I am sure Mueser is a good guy and he would rather have Dave's support than a coward like yourself who anonomously insults inniocent posters instead as if they were the polticians

KAR said...

I'm not hiding behind anonymous, I'm hiding behind KAR, I could change it to Stanley, or Irving, if it makes you any happier.

Lighten up, my only purpose here is to make sure that any inaccuracies, or un-truths written about Dan Meuser don't go unchallenged, I presume that a lot of others here are doing the same for their candidate.

You like Dave, that much is obvious, but he apparently doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to put himself out there again, however if he injects himself into the discussion by endorsing Hackett, he's fair game.

And honestly Bill, if that's really your name,if it weren't for anonymous posting you nor any blogger would have much traffic.

At least I use a handle that people can refer to, not many others can say that.

I promise you that when this is all over, and Meuser is elected, I'll buy you a drink.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Anon posters and my blog gets not traffic anyway haha
but other anon posters attack people such as myself and my freind danny over the Mueser issue with many lies and no accountability (not you your fun and I think you may think i am tyaking things seriously when i do not, for a true conservative wishes for a government that can be laughed at than one that effectively takes your money and freedom)but I have never said anything untruthfull about Mueser. The fact is he and his compnay gave money to dems. Some people, but I never claimed he gave to them becuase his company gets contracts from the VA becuase he gives money to Kanjo, I assume he gets the contracts from the VA becuase his company is amoung the best at what it does. I just do not buy his explanation, becuase everyone supports people with disabilities.
hackett gave a good explantion of his donations which were for Vondy not Skrep.
I am still waiting to see who gets in the race,(I would like to see if some great King's profs are interested in running as well as some old freinds) But now i prefer Hackett becuase he has strongly come out agianst earmakrs and Mueser has not said much. and i do not even live in the distirct so i cant vote anyway