Thursday, October 03, 2013

2014 Lt Guv race

Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and Harrisburg City Councilor Brad Koplinski came to the Spring Blogfest and impressed me and many others. Brad sent me a bunch of campaign buttons including a "I Like Ike"  (collectors item)  after I told him that I collect them. Mark has been to other Luzerne County events including the Yuddy get together at the PAV and the county Dem Picnic in Ashley and he  brought along his best campaign asset,  W-B native Jane Clements Smith. One of the jobs of the Lt. Guv is to deal with local government issues and these guys know what challenges cities and counties face.

Former Congressman Mark Critz (PA-12) has also jumped into the race  and has got off to a  mixed start. He snagged the endorsement of the Steelworkers Union. but  his positions on social issues are a problem for some Democrats.He also offended many people with a rape joke. Rape is not something you joke about.

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Critz runs afoul of some Democrats over rape remark and marriage equality


 “The joke, and the main setup of the joke, was a home invasion and a rape scene, and in the end the perpetrator is gay,” said Missa Eaton, a Mercer County Democrat who attended the meeting....Lancaster County state committee woman Sue Stoltzfus was receiving a “Woman of the Year” award at the meeting.

“It had been a great day, and that ruined it,” Stoltzfus said. 

He got booed at the state committee meeting

Critz is presently running for Lieutenant Governor. This morning when he took the podium at the South Central Caucus meeting, past PFDW president Michelle Lellito was in the audience. She called him out again for the joke, saying he was unrepresentative of the Democratic Party. According to several people who were in the room, Critz fumbled through an apology and left the room without completing his speech.

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