Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cyndi Lauper at the Kirby

I'm not usually a big fan of opening bands but Hunter Valentine really kicked ass tonight getting the audience ready for Cyndi Lauper. I recognized them from the Sue Henry Show on WRKC and other places. Cyndi came on and sang the songs from She's so Unusual (30th anniversary thing) with a few others mixed in. She opened with Money Changes Everything which is a great song.

Before the concert there was an announcement that Cyndi only allows non flash pictures during  the first 2 songs and no video. I thought 'good luck with that.' During the second song tonight Cyndi stopped Girls Want to Have Fun and yelled at the people in the front who paid big bucks to be in the first few rows. It was a rehearsed move. I'm paraphrasing but she said to them Motherfuckers, . How would you like a camera stuck in your face. (She did say MF). That worked as the video and cell phone police moved up and down the aisles and silenced all devices for the rest of the night.

Cyndi charmed the crowd with her stories as always then some nonsense broke in the balcony and she told them to cut the shit.  I can't wait to read the police blotter in the morning.

My favorite Cyndi song was not played.

After the concert I was milling around while the girls went to the bathroom. Some security type told me to go along and I tried to explain that I was waiting for my wife and my girlfriend.


Forrest Gump said...

I'm hearing it was a mess. Sorry to hear that. Sue henry is asking for callers this morning. it is the main topic of conversation. Maybe you should add your two cents.

Chief Hatuey said...

This is a singer that has made MILLIONS off her fans. Then she scolds her adoring fans for allegedly taking pictures of her 60 year old turkey neck skin, after SHE approached her fans...but she made nice by asking them to buy her she can make a few more millions.

Gaga Groupie said...

What a Prima Donna. You swear she thinks she's Miley, Katy and Beyonce all rolled into one.

Cyndy, 1983 wants its music back!

Anonymous said...

With you that remark was a joke. For another local blogger, back in the day that was a way of life.