Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brominski on the Luzerne County Council election

Luzerne County Councilor Edd Brominski is backing the accountability ticket +1 of
Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas , Renee Taffera and Rich “Kick” Heffron  in the upcoming election.

He sent along a somewhat cryptic LTE:


The following are examples of how TRANSPARENT three of the four incumbents running for County Council really are.

One incumbent said at a meeting of elected officials and some of the public “WE are not going to let the Charter get in our way”!! He has proved it by serving on a board which allows pay increases to employees of the county without Council approval as required by the Charter.  He proclaims business knowledge yet has not made one suggestion as to how we are to solve the $430,000,000 crisis we are in.

A second incumbent read the Bible at a public meeting, yet he fabricates numbers to be saved by eliminating the tax collectors, at a political rally, without substantial information.  The only purpose was to secure votes for re-election.  Further he committed to vote for a person applying to a County Authority solely to gain votes for his re-election from a segment of his party.
The third incumbent solicited an applicant for a county appointed board (who he nominated and voted for) and also solicited the same person to apply for the Deputy Director’s Position in the Elections Bureau.  All this was done to curry minority votes.

These are issues that the public does not know of, but are examples of the LACK of TRANSPARENCY by these incumbents seeking re-election in November.
These same candidates voted for the 2012 2% tax increase, voted for pay raises and now we are further in the hole with our budget.  They have all indicated they support the 8% tax increase proposed by the manager. None have ever offered a way to solve our budgetary problems nor objected to the reckless spending by the manager. 

These three also voted down a division head in order to hire another, less qualified person, at a higher salary. Make them accountable to you now, do not re-elect them.

I ask you to, research, vote and be very selective in your choices, and when you choose, select Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas , Renee Taffera and Rich “Kick” Heffron  for Luzerne County Council.

Yours in Honest Government, I am…

Edward A. Brominski
Luzerne County Council Member

Then he posted this on his Facebook page:

 Do you care?

Luzerne County has a tax value of $19,000,000,000 ( that is BILLION)
Each mil of taxes is worth $19,000,000 (that is million)
We are taxed at 5.32 mils (0.00532)
From Sept. of 2012 to Sept. of 2013 we picked up $401,000,000 in new assessments.
That should be $2,000 000 + in new tax dollars, correct? 


$389,000,000 was abated, given back.

$12,000,000 was used for tax purposes, that equates to $64,000 in new money to run the county.

With these figures, why would Jim Bobeck support Haas, Kellerher and Williams for re election? To keep the status quo!!!!

We pay a manager $100,000 plus benefits to stop this loss of money, and I and the council get $8,000 a year to watch the books. Something is wrong. 

Renee Taffera , Mike Giamber, Eileen Sorokas and Kick Heffron deserve your vote to help keep an eye , or TEN including me, on your money. Remember Nov. 5th VOTE..


Anonymous said...

This ticket seems to just criticize and point fingers. They really don't bring much to the table other than conflict. They don't seem like they are the answer to Luzerne County problems.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that ticket. They don't even have the backing of their own party because they're batshit insane.

Brominski only wants them on there so he can get enough votes to unseat McGinley and take charge. This has nothing to do with the county charter, it's about power and control and vindictive politics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bromi SHUT YA YAPPER unless you can provide facts and evidence on your WILD allegations !

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for Sorokas until she started running around with that sideshow trio. Now, I'm just going to bullet vote for Houck!

I hope voters aren't dumb enough to elect Brominski's puppet team of hacks. 4:40 is right to say eff that ticket because EFF that ticket! Accountability my left foot! Same people that have already planned out who they're gonna fire/replace/hire in blatant violation of the charter they bitch that no one is following? Puhleeeeze.

Mike "Gas Company Marionette" Giamber, Renee Nobody-Givesashit, and Kick-Me Heffron should exercise their right to choose and abort their campaigns for the good of the county!!

Anonymous said...

Some of these bloggers are so misinformed and angry at the illusions they create in there head that its a wonder they have not committed hara-kiri.

The Appraiser said...

I have read the comments. it appears that the comments are from narrow minded weak individuals who must revert to vulgarity which shows the signs of q weak mind.

Also if they are so critical of the candidates who put their personal life and family in the public sport light who don't they seek an elected or appointed office.

If you can not propose then do not dispose.

Anonymous said...

Because some of us have jobs and families to feed, Appraiser. We're supposed to simply take what you're offering, candidate-wise, and be grateful for it, regardless of the fact that they're horrible people?

Here's an idea - if you can't stand the criticism, don't run for office! We will never vote for those scumbuckets.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there are are 2 parties running against each other for Luzerne County Council, Confrontation, and Resolution. I vote for Resolution.

Anonymous said...

The plan is to have Giamber take over McGinley's chair seat, not Brominski, and fire Lawton. I don't know if Brominki is happy with that plan or even knows about it.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Ed Brominski a county commissioner under the old three commissioner system? wasn't he a democrat? Didn't he vote several times during his previous term to borrow money to fund the budget? How many jobs can 20 million bucks a year pay Ed? How can you throw stones when so many of the ones already in the pile belong to you? Check yourself first if you have no faults then you can look to others.