Thursday, October 10, 2013

End the Tea Party Shutdown

Washington DC (October 9, 2013) Now nine days into the Tea Party government shutdown, hasn’t the middle class suffered enough?   Not enough for Tea Party Republicans in Congress who continue to throw out absurd ransom demands in exchange for doing their job and keeping the government functioning. Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Make no mistake: refusing to support clean legislation to keep the government open at the 11th hour was the act of extortionist Tea Party Republicans plain and simple.  Some Republicans even openly cheered it on.  The anti-government Tea Partiers who are calling the shots in the House demanded a ransom they knew they would never get: killing the Affordable Care Act.

This spot is airing in Harrisburg and I will tune into the local news later today to see if it's on the air in our market. I never really associated Lou with the teabaggers because his claim to fame is the immigration issue. But then again that is a natural fit.

PoliticsPA: “The House passed several bills to keep the government open. The Senate rejected each of them, shutting down the government,” said Barletta campaign spokesman Lance Stange. “Rep. Barletta remains committed to discussing how we can re -open the government and pay our bills whenever the Senate decides to have that conversation.”


Pope George Ringo said...

Lou would never have survived the last election if the 11th dist. wsa still in place.
I love the fact that his new gerrymadered district spans Hazleton to Harrisburg.
Hopefully we can redraw the maps in 2020 with a Democratic governor.
Then we can send Lou back to hazleton with is fat pension.

Stephen Albert said...

Say what you want about Congressman Barletta's politics, but man, no one can deny that he has the best teeth in Congress.