Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quincy turns 5 today

I'm not really big on  birthdays as I was born on my sister's 5th birthday and she has not forgiven me til this day. But John Quincy Adams wants to celebrate by chewing up stuff and digging holes. Chris Matthews (Tweety) of Hardball ended our argument on what to name him when he mentioned JQA. His predecessors were Hubert Horatio "Humphrey" and Michael Gorbachev "Gorby."

When we brought him home the cat wasn't thrilled at first but Ptolomey has since made his peace.

He figured out how to dig holes and still does. I can't believe I actually have to buy dirt to fill them in.

The Q likes to dig when it rains.

We nursed him when he wasn't well.

And put up with the destructive streaks.

He helps with yard work.

He is our big affectionate,clumsy Golden Retriever.

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Mrs. G said...

Happy Birthday Little Boy who is not always on my good list.