Sunday, October 20, 2013

Michelle Bednar for Controller

Democratic nominee for Luzerne County Controller Michelle Bednar had a nice turnout for an event at the The Red Mill in Pittston today. State Rep Mike Carroll was the MC  who complimented every person who is willing to offer themselves for office  regardless of party. It takes a combination of guts and ego to run in an election. Mike is one the most accessible people that I know in office. He will talk to anybody at anytime. After the latest redistricting he will become my State Rep replacing Eddie Day. He has moved up in the rankings of my favorite state legislators even outpacing Phyllis Mundy. She didn't show up for Blogfest so I have to vote for Mike in the next election.

Both Pittston DJ candidates worked the room. Alex and Jerry are both good people and  it's shame one of them will not be elected.  Council candidates Michael Giamber and Renee Zita Ciaruffoli Taffera make it to everything. 

Independent Council incumbent  Rick Williams  told me he is going to go up on TV. That was the difference last time. He is the first Independent candidate to win a county wide election in my memory. 

It was good to chat with Bear Creek Sup Gary Zingaretti.

The highlight for me me was I made a joke about Michelle would be the prettiest county official since Ethel Price. 3rd District  Chair Phil Struzzeri caught that one and we had a great time reminiscing about Ethel, Marty Murray, Wideman, Crossin and the rest. We just needed the Yonk to keep us straight.
It was a fun time
More pics at this link

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Pope George Ringo said...

Mecadon will probably take the Pittston DJ race as my sources tell me his one time rival Red O'Brien had a falling out w/Kokura. Red is hitting the pavement telling folks to put their support behind Mecadon.

As everyone knows, Red holds a lot of clout and may well serve as the kingmaker in this race.