Friday, October 25, 2013

Chris Carney endorses Mark Critz for Lt Governor

Chalk this one up to my theory that most endorsements are only good for a press release.

Former Congressman Chris Carney Backs Critz for Lt. Gov.

Former U.S. Representative Chris Carney today announced that he is endorsing Mark Critz for Lieutenant Governor. Carney praised Critz for his dedication to creating jobs, supporting policies that strengthen the middle class and being a rational voice in Congress.

They both did well running as Blue Dog Democrats  and winning in Republican leaning  Congressional Districts in the past but a state wide race now is different. After all the damage Governor Tom Corbett has done Critz comes across as the worst kind of politician. He wants to be somebody instead of doing something. I talked to him at the Luzerne County Democratic picnic and he creeped me out. He handed me his official business card from when he was a Congresscritter with a sticker on the back with his new info obscuring the old stuff. He was very proud of it and said it would be a collectors item. 

I can't seem to find a Critz website but he does have a Facebook page.



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Anonymous said...

He is the worst kind of Democrat and not a good fit for the party. He makes Tim Holden look as liberal as Ed Rendell.