Saturday, October 12, 2013

Barry Kresge for Plains Twp Commissioner

Plains is a great place to live. For the most part crime is low with most of it being a domestic dispute, the Turkey Hill getting robbed or some nonsense at the Moghegan Sun or The Woodlands. Our streets are being paved and the price of trash bags was reduced because of the windfall from the Casino. That being said not everything is perfect and we can always use some improvement.

Barry Kresge is the GOP nominee for Supervisor:

My name is Barry Kresge, Jr. My ambition is to become one of the five commissioners this coming November. Like you, I care about where I live and I would like to play an integral part in helping our community grow stronger and brighter for all residents of today and tomorrow. Below, I would like to address a few issues that I would fiercely attempt to accomplish with the support of the township residents.

FIRST: I propose we put aside a percentage of the income we receive from the casino to start a "Rainy Day Fund." The current board of commissioners bought new DPW equipment, trucks, police cars and other items that the township needed. But in turn, cost the township a significant amount of dollars. We as a township receive a formidable amount of dollars each year from the casino. I would like to put those dollars toward projects that may prove to be beneficial to residents. The township made ends meet before the casino. The extra cash flow should be used to improve our community, make it safer and a more desirable place to live.

Second: I propose we revise and potentially change out recycling program. Right now, Plains offers curb side pickup only once a month. Or, we can drop off recycling at the DPW, yet this is inconvenient for many of us. As such, even Saturday hours are difficult to make when we lead such hectic lives. Many households try to recycle as much as possible. But we find some months we don't have enough space to store all of the recyclables. I would like to convert to two recycling pickups a month (every other week), and switch to single stream recycling. This would allow residents to put everything in one container and have it picked all at the same time. This plan has the potential to save the Township money relative to manpower hours and fule making our recycling greener simultaneously.

Third: I want to spruce up our neighborhoods throughout the Township, by giving our roads more attention and potentially adding sidewalks where that improvement is needed. Along with other measures, the "Rainy Day Fund" would play a key roll in financing these and other long and short term projects.

I would like to thank you very much for your time. I thank you in advance for your support in this upcoming election day. Without your vote I can't proceed to make proposals related to making changes for the better.

Help make these ideas a reality and help take back the Township from one party rule!!! 
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