Tuesday, October 08, 2013


4 of the 5 Democratic Luzerne County Council candidates have pooled their resources to rent 8 billboards until the election.  Mike Giamber, Renee Ciaruffoli-Taffera, Eileen Sorokas and Richard “Kick” Heffron have kicked in about a grand apiece for the buy. The other Dem nominee Linda Houck passed on it.

 In a low profile local race the key is to get your name out so this is a cost effective way to do that. I see many yard signs on the side of the roadways for various candidates and I think they help until it gets to the point that there is a swarm of them at various intersections that just turns into sight pollution. I'm always more impressed when someone actually puts a yard sign in their yard. Whenever one of my neighbors put one up I make an effort to talk to them and ask why they are supporting that candidate.

It's a bit of a surprise that Eileen Sorokas is part of this effort as the other 3 have been handing out a palm card with their names on it with the top line reading Accountability for Luzerne County!!! Maybe they will get new cards and add her name.

Councilor Ed Brominski is a big supporter of the Accountability ticket.

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