Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paul Dezinski for county council

In addition to the 11 people on the ballot Paul Dezinski of Wyoming is running a write-in campaign. He owns a lawn care business and  has 14 years experience  in the Fire-EMS service. He's a lifelong Colts fan and likes the Yankees in baseball and picked the Cardinals to win the Series.

I talked with him the other day and asked why he is mounting a very long shot write-in campaign but  didn't try to get on the ballot. He said the time limit had expired before he decided to run. His motivation for running is the spike in crime. I'm not sure  that the county council can do much about that.  He said that  John Boland and John Marianacci have been supportive.

More info on his Facebook page.

Some of his messages to me:

 I could tell u some why I've decided to try as a write in campaign . Well the violence is a big part of it 10 Homicides in Wilkes-Barre and no other council person campaigning has mentioned to make our streets safer and to curb the violence . I have 14 years in the Fire-EMS service both currently as a volunteer and career . I see and deal with the bad violence on a daily basis over the last 14 years it has risen and risen even higher ....And now to see that at the casino a girl was held gunpoint and robbed . It's only gonna get worse if someone like me doesn't take the step forward . I'd like to see a county wide gang task force and work with the local authorities to make our streets safer for people of all ages and it's a beautiful place here in Luzerne County and we can even go forward and still make it safer for tourism and if not soon we will see houses being sold off as people being in fear of their lives ....And our county 911 system I'd like to implement the Lackawanna county style GPS dispatched for Paramedic units only . I am sure you have read the paper a few months back about the elderly gentleman heart attack on the ground in the back mountain area . And a closer paramedic unit was closer but they waited for one of out Luzerne Borough to respond and pass the closer one ....Also taxes are a concern on not to higher taxes as it effects the senior citizens who live on fixed incomes and can barely pay for medications due to the Medicare changes they go with out meds as the out of pocket expense is draining them to nothing and it not like they get raise when taxes go up . So I would have to analyze any tax hike very carefully before I said yes to raising them.

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Anonymous said...

I would rather Paul J Dezinski . Over the other 5 Democrats running . For his age and service to the community . And he knows what needs to do to keep our children safe .