Friday, April 07, 2006

117th District

A James May supporter reminded me that he is not out of this yet. His nominating petition was challenged because he didn't list his pay from the Army in 2005. Dallas Mayor Tim Carroll has also been challenged for similar reasons. From the CV:

May, a Republican from Falls Township, Wyoming County, said when word spread that his name was removed from the ballot, he was overwhelmed with support to fight the decision. He said the judge that ordered the removal is a former Democratic state senator and there is precedent to keep him on the ballot. "Over the last two years, there's been a number of folks who did exactly the same thing I did and were left on the ballot," May said. "We are in this thing to win on May 16 no matter what happens. There are too many people who invested too much in this campaign to let it go."

May added he would pursue a write-in campaign if he is not included on the primary ballot.

The TL had this take:

Carroll acknowledged that the two-week wait has hampered his campaign, but said the challenge has highlighted his service in the community and fired up his supporters. Both May and Carroll blamed the challenges on political moves by Edmund Sichler’s campaign. Sichler, a Republican, is running for the same seat.

May feels the move backfired.

"I'm disappointed that another campaign would do something like this, which most people view as somewhat frivolous," May said. "I don’t know from a political standpoint what they were thinking." Carroll, a legislative aide for Hasay, said the "Sichler family campaign" used "devious and deceptive campaign strategy" to bump him off. "Obviously, they're afraid of us to stoop to this level," he said.

Sichler denied his campaign orchestrated the challenges, but said candidates must be "detail-oriented and thorough." "These forms are very simple, specific and easy to fill out," he said. "Six other candidates in this race filled out those petitions correctly."

The other Republican candidates are Eugene Stavitzski, Michael McCormick, Karen Boback, Randy Tomasacci, Edmund Sichler Jr. and Stanford Davis.

The only Democrat is Fred Nichols. I don't know anything about him but I picked this up from the comments :

Compiled from wire service reports by Robert Kilborn and Stephanie Cook


Lots of things can land a small-town police chief in hot water, but you wouldn't think running a lonely hearts-type ad would be one of them, right? Wrong, at least in Fred Nichols's case. He heads the force in Shickshinny, Pa., but works long hours, is single, and would like a "caring" relationship with someone of the opposite sex. So he posted his wishes on the Internet. Alas, he included an old photo of himself posing with a personal firearm. The matter now is before the town council for possible disciplinary action. But the ad has been effective. To date, Nichols has had at least 300 responses.

I've tried to verify this but can't find the news report. If you have it send it to me.


Anonymous said...

Probably the most negative thing about Fred Nichols is that he is a Shickshinny cop. In an area known for unprofessional police officers, the Shickshinny Police force (and Fred Nichols) is head and shoulders above the rest.

Anonymous said...

I really think that the best politcal photo for a Nichols for state rep. poster would be from Yahoo personals...