Saturday, April 29, 2006

Local campaigning

I just received a phone call that asked me who I'm going to vote for in the 121st District State Rep race. When I said I hadn't decided the girl told me what a wonderful guy Eddie Day Pashinski is and asked me to vote for him. I'm not sure but it sounded like a paid telemarketer since she did not identify herself, read from a script and didn't wait for my reaction. Last week I got a call from a young man with an Irish sounding name asking about Brian O'Donnell. In the who has largest signs contest Bob Reilly has big ones all over the place. Jim Hayward has some yard signs out and I found a flyer of his left in my screen door. As I wander around town I have been seeing many Christine Katsock signs-the only Republican in the race. That's not too surprising as she has been involved in local issues for a long time. When she was running for school director a few years ago she knocked on my door and gave me a sponge with her name on it. I still have it.

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