Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dr. Rick on Rush

Dr. Rick of the American Check-up asked me to post his reaction to the Rush Windbag drug thing. I asked him why but he has not answered yet. Well, I'm always willing to help out a blog buddy. Here it is:

The plea deal reached by Rush Limbaugh and his attorneys brings up serious issues among the conservative party and base. You see, I am against favoritism in the media, press, and party coteries. Rush, however, seems to be exempt from the criticisms that would be afforded of lesser Americans from the likes of O'Reilly and Hannity for example.

Where is the O'Reilly banter about how Rush got off because he is who he is and that drug dealing is bad? I have also recently explained that I am ardently in favor of the US going all out in its war on drugs, which pails in comparison to the war on terror (the results are similar, respectively).

Where is the outrage against Americas number 1 anchorman? Granted, he does impress me on a daily basis and his show is great, all things considered. But why are the conservatives soft on their man? Drudge ran a news report about, nothing much of interest. It would seem that the only media who sees this a story is the liberal media - as they should.

Drugs are no positive example to beset forth upon your audience. Neither is sexual predatory activity, right Mr. O'Reilly? It would seem that other than myself and Mr. Hannity, there is a code of silence among wrongdoers who themselves must feel guilty about the misfortunes that befall them.

Rush even asserted Democrats may be responsible for much of the hype and even called his civil rights violated (he didn't contact the ACLU for council). If any of the AIRHEAD America liberals faced similar charges, they would be slashed on the air.

Call Michael Savage a renegade if you will, but he deserves some respect for not popping pills though he pops off at the mouth. I must say that O'Reilly is my favorite but Rush is most entertaining. Both have let me down in those regards. I'm not calling for some boycott of the two. I'm just raising eyebrows about why they're exempt from being on the dishonor roll?

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Doctor Rick said...

the whole point is O'Reilly isnt boycotting Rush now, is he?

Anonymous said...


Gort said...

Anon, If you actually bother to read all of the post you will see it was written by Dr. Rick not me.

Doctor Rick said...

It's officially been like 3 days and still no coverage from Mr. O'Reilly.