Tuesday, April 25, 2006

121st District candidate interview

The Times-Leader is running a series of interviews with the candidates hoping to succeed Kevin Blaum in the district encompassing Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre Township, Plains Township and parts of Hanover Township. They have also posted the audio from the candidates in this race and the 20th State Senate District contest here.

In a less than flattering piece the in the TL Eddie Day Pashinski discusses health care costs:

Eddie Pashinski wants you to know he believes in doing the right thing. He also believes the cost of health care and oil are crushing the middle class. That’s clear...
Things get a little less clear when it comes down to what he plans to do about it if elected to the state House of Representatives in the 121st Legislative District...."I think we are in very tough shape in this country." In large part, that’s because of health-care and insurance costs the government has refused to rein in, he said. The soaring cost of petroleum products is also a growing wedge consuming an ever larger portion of the middle class budget, he said.
But when pressed about how he might change that in Harrisburg, specifics eluded him.
He called for a "grassroots" movement to force legislators to work to regulate the health-care industry...He was unable to explain how he would trim oil costs, although he said the situation was much like the problem with health care and insurance.

Pashinski also cited crime in the district as an acute problem. "We have had a terrific spike in crime," he said, speculating that as much as 90 percent is drug-related. He called for an investment in early-education programs to teach young children lessons about drugs before they become involved. "The earlier we can get them and the longer we can have them, the chances are we'll be better able to protect these kids," Pashinski said.

As I noted earlier he has a TV ad running that you can view at his website. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I'm inclined to give him a hearing. The buzz that I hear is that this is between O'Donnell and Reilly but who knows. Pashinski makes this claim on his site:

Early research shows that Eddie is poised to win with a plurality.


Austin said...

I went to the debate for this seat. I liked Hayward best of the 4 Dems. How is he doing in that research?

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

his research
he fiigures all the candidate vote for themselves and his wife votes for him making him winning in the poll 40-20-20-20

Anonymous said...

Eddie Day is a jerk. At the debate he didn't even acknowledge the crowd while the other candidates gave a smile and a wave when introduced. He seemed smug. He should get a hybrid and move to San Fran like Kyle's dad did on South Park. Good Bye Eddie Day.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

GOOD FOR YOU(Eyes Closed)

Doctor Rick said...

This guy is BAD! I am putting a rubber stamp against him. This comes despite having had him as a teacher, his having worked with my father, and the fact that he's close to my dist.

This guy is BAD!

Anonymous said...

Win with plurality?!?! hahahaha. ridiculous. Pashinski is the last candidate a voter should consider on election day. O'Donnell will win, he's the most qualified and most capable of making an immediate impact upon his arrival to H-burg. I attended one of his rallies recently to see what he's all about, the man has real passion and that's something we don't see enough anymore. I'll be pulling the O'Donnell lever on May 16 (or should I say, choosing O'Donnell on the touch screen!)