Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Target Lisa

First Jim Haggerty calls her a Harrisburg insider because Sen. Lemmond endorsed her and Gov. Ridge was the featured attraction at a couple of fundraisers. I liked Lisa Baker's response:

Baker said she viewed running for the office as applying to voters for a job. "Having Tom Ridge as my reference is something I'm very proud of," she said. Baker said Ridge, of Chevy Chase, Md., had occasionally urged her to run for office when she worked for him."The governor said to me if I ever ran for public office, no matter where he was, he would want to come back and be supportive," she said.

Next Haggerty goes after her campaign manager's occupation. But Haggerty is not the only candidate attacking her over tactics. Bigus: Baker flier is sneaky:

A campaign flier touting support of state Senate candidate Lisa Baker by area sportsmen is misleading and underhanded, rival candidate Russ Bigus claims.
The flier features comments of Dale Butler, president of the Red Rock Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and Mike Protz, president of the Northeast Division of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsman's Clubs, pushing Baker as a supporter of hunters and gun owners. Bigus called the flier "a clever way" to make it look like the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsman's Clubs back Baker as organizations.

Bigus is also running an ad in the CV describing himself as "new" and Baker as "old." It says he is new blood with new ideas and cites his approval by PACleanSweep.

David Madeira has also attacked Baker but he sticks to issues that he disagrees with her instead of inside baseball. From a press release:

The conservative Republican candidate for the State Senate, David Madeira, says he is not surprised. "The recent endorsement of Lisa Baker by Senator Charles Lemmond and Tom Ridge comes as no surprise. Minority Pro-abortion Republicans tend to stick together." Madeira said. Lemmond and Ridge are known to be pro-abortion advocates. "Next we might hear about her former boss, Senator Jubilier backing her as well."

Lisa Baker, aligning herself with pro-abortion advocates, has also had a hand in taking away gun rights for Pennsylvanians. It has been reported that she assisted in the removal of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Game Commissioner as well as blocking a proposed shooting range on state gamelands in Luzerne County.

The other Republican in the race is Carl Sutton and the lone Democrat is Robert MCNamara.

Local blogger news. Norton is blogging the race at 20th Senatorial. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Was this a picture from a Ridge ribbon cutting or a Blue Cross ratepayer surplus handout?

Anonymous said...

good question...she's been working in the district so long it's hard to narrow it down.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly say she's been working...LOL.

mean old man said...

I'm angrier than Oprah WInfrey at a weight watchers convention over Lisa Baker and her lies! In my day women knew their place and that was scrubbing the pots and pans in the kitchen and tending to the papooses--and they loved it!! Now we have the broad (a commie pro abortion one at that) who thinks she's somehow entitled to serve in our majestic State senate!!! BULL!!!!! The last thing our great government need is these whiny, crazy, pms afflicted, flower power, lip stick smeared, NOW supporting, ACLU loving anarchists serving in it!!! GOD!!!! WHatever happened to the days when a woman stood behind her man?? Their purpose was to put linament on your back after a hard day operating the old jackhammer--nowadays after they've been perverted by the commies at NOW, if you asked one of them to soothe your back you;d be up on sex harrassment charges!!!! In my day you could kid around with a broad--we had this secretary at the company--Margie--and she was stacked! Bigger than Mt Rushmore if you know what I mean. Anyway everyday we guys would come in from the trenches and kid around with her--a little grab here a little nudge there---and she loved it!!! She didn't go home whining and crying to her husband that she was being threatened; she was a great all american girl!!! Not a commie like Lisa Baker!! And at least Margie could type--I bet Baker can't ever boil water!!! God Bless the saintes James Haggerty and all you little ladies stay straight and vote for who you think will do the best job--just not a WOMAN---and if you think I'm wrong, look what Condi RIce did to a great man like Pres. BUsh--after only one year as his Secy.!!!! GOD I HATE LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mean Old Man are you sure your not Haggerty!

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like Madeira to me. Wives submit to your husbands, have your babies at home, don't let them get brainwashed at public schools...