Sunday, April 16, 2006

The best publicity if free

"The best thing that happened to us is Mr. Family"- Gentlemen's Club 10 owner Sal Scalzo

WILKES-BARRE TWP.-On Saturday evening, Mr. Family finally showed himself-at least in spirit.

At least 100 people, many wearing "I am Mister Family" T-shirts, assembled at the Wyoming Valley Mall parking lot to protest Gentlemen's Club 10. An anonymous man calling himself Mr. Family recently started the Web site He is asking people to post pictures of club patrons on the site, as well as pictures of their license plates.

Believe it or not me and Dr. Rick actually agree on something:

The crowd of circa 100 said God was/would be angry with us over the club. RIGHT!? I can't wait until there is a big snowfall or downpour or something to hear the wackos blame it on Club 10. The funny thing is that this is neither a liberal nor a conservative argument - it's just a matter of "values" per se....If you don't like it there, or don't approve, be like me and just not go. Is that so difficult?

And Wilkes-Barre Online has his usual funny take:

But I must warn Mr. Family that it's perfectly legal to partake of such activities, regardless of his having elevated himself to being Luzerne County's chief of the fledgling Silicone Implant Police' digital camera hit squad. And I must also warn him that he's going to get some chump's eye sockets rearranged when they get to snapping pictures of the wrong guys, or the wrong license plates. There's some very big boys running in these parts and some of them don't take too kindly to pansy-assed individuals mucking about in their personal business, titties or otherwise.

When some self-appointed guardian of my morals starts a boycott of a particular book or movie I usually want to buy the book or see the film. Same thing here. There are many problems in our area that are more pressing and others agree:

Edwardsville residents Matt Cragle and Joe Coleman said they think the protestors should choose a more worthy cause, like the area's growing drug problem.


D.B. Echo said...

I think maybe the standard uniform for patrons should be "I Am Mr. Family" T-shirts. Look, look, Mr. Family is patronizing the titty bar!

I wonder if Mr. Family is aware that his/her/their activities may not be entirely legal? For example, do they have permission from the owners of the parking lot they're using as their stake-out? If not, I think they may be trespassing...

Hmm. The wrath-of-God crowd may have some ammunition. Anyone familiar with that building knows that it has held about half a dozen businesses over the course of its lifetime, all of which have closed fairly quickly, and the building itself has sunk a foot or two into the ground and also, I think, cracked in half at one point. I believe there's a mine fire or major subsidence located under it.

I hope I get a chance to go there before it closes!

Doctor Rick said...

I hope the strippers get some copies of those shirts to wear in the club.

soccermike said...

Hey Gort,

I thought I saw you there with a dollar bill in your mouth all ready to go. LOL

Reverend Curbishly said...

It is only with the heart that one can see--what is essential is invisible to the eye. Men have forgotten this important lesson, but you Gort must never forget it. Please stop posting pornographic references on your blog--for it cheapens your credibility. I shall pray for you.