Friday, April 28, 2006

Slots for all

Or we all love Mohegan sun. The CV has a glowing story about slots at Pocono Downs. On the one hand I'm not against people gambling. But I'm very much opposed to the bill of goods that has been sold to us. Too many ifs. If the the slots generate as much revenue as anticipated then we just might get a break on our property taxes. If they keep people from going to Atlantic City to gamble we will benefit. If there is good oversite shady characters will be kept out. Well the oversite thing hasn't worked so far. One of the people charged with that duty has been involved in a murder. You can't stop people from gambling, just like you can't stop people from taking drugs. If you are going to legalize one vice, take a look at the others.


Doctor Rick said...

Gort, I will be there playing the slots soon!

D.B. Echo said...

I heard a comment about how the casino will be bringing many jobs to the region. I wonder how many of those jobs will be going to people from the region?