Thursday, April 20, 2006

Voting machines

WILKES-BARREThough the new voting machines are safely in Luzerne County, the Bureau of Elections still hasn't been able to train poll workers how to use them.

After months of wrangling to get the touch-screen machines, the county is still waiting for some of the computer memory cards, called personal electronic ballots or PEBs, needed for training, elections director Leonard Piazza told the county commissioners at a meeting Tuesday.....In the month remaining before the May 16 primary, the county must finish hiring trainers, who then must be trained themselves. Those trainers will then train poll workers in the county’s 316 precincts.

This is great, a month before the election and the people who have to operate these machines don't know how they work.

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Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Its noy like they knew how the old ones worked anyway