Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lisa gets the cops, Haggerty writes their checks

From a Lisa Baker press release:

DALLAS - The Baker for Senate campaign is pleased to announce that LisaBaker, Republican candidate for State Senator, received the unanimous endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, Wyoming Valley Lodge #36. Lodge #36 represents members of local police departments in throughoutLuzerne County.
"After careful consideration of Lisa's background and qualifications, our decision was helped by the many local officers and elected officials who stand behind her integrity and commitment," said Ron Rebo, president ofWyoming Valley Lodge #36.
"We appreciate Lisa's long history of working productively with the law enforcement community and her understanding of the issues that are important to us and the communities we serve." said Joe Mangan, lodge vice president.

Norton has Haggerty's reaction:

I am the only candidate who has more police officers on street, created special units for narcotics, and led a department that is recognized throughout the state as a powerful anti-drug force.


Anonymous said...

Take that one Faggerty, I mean Haggerty. Even your own cops don't support you, Go Madeira!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo, genius. Haggerty's cops support him big time. Baker posed for a picture with the FOP and there ain't a Kingston cop in sight.
The Kingston cops are for Haggerty because he supports their mission. The FOP isn't for Haggerty because he thinks cops should pay part of their health insurance. It ain't rocket science.

Mayor Jim Haggerty said...

Jim Haggerty here. I haven't been called "Faggerty" since my middle school graduation. Now that's some funny stuff! What else you got, anonymous?
Gort, too bad we can't get a nitwit blocker for your blog. I'd buy. Oh yeah, and the second comment is 100% factual regarding the endorsement. My cops are on my side. But not the FOP bureaucrats. I'll take the street cops any day.

Anonymous said...

Jim Haggerty defends people his officers arrest right? I mean if a woman is being beaten by her husband and wants a divorce, Haggerty promises her the world and then eight years later, she is still married to him,(not living with him thank God) I think it's his way of keeping the divorce rate down in Kingston. Well why doesn't Haggerty post his crime statistics then. It must be tough being from a city where 8 out of 15 arrested in Operation Family Ties are from your town.

mean old man said...

I'm angrier than Charlie Sheen at a Alcoholics ANonymous meeting over the way the Commie liberals are twisting stats to destroy our wonderful State Sen. to be Mr. Haggerty! Anonymous had it right--not one Kingston cop supports Baker--take that you bolshevik fiction writers! My wife Thelma Jean has a name for fairy tale writing, swastika loving, brokeback mountain viewing wags like you all--@*&$!!*^!!. Sorry, but you had it coming. GOD I HATE LYING LIBERALS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FOP bureaucrats??
Face it Haggerty you dislike the FOP due to the fact that you have been defeated by the FOP many times. You brag that the Kingston police are supporting you, from what I heard the only reason they are supporting you is to get you out of town.
I have attended your monthly meetings in the past and you have shown that you are anti-union, yet another reason you hate the FOP.
Face it, your just a small time mayor who will never advance.
My question to you is if you do pull off an upset will you continue to live with mommy or will you finally grow up and move out on your own?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Haggerty I saw you made the papers again. This time for not paying your bills. Do you really think voters will elect a two time cheating thug like you into office, I sure don’t. If these are the antics that you pull at the local government level, what would a nut job like yourself do as a senator?????

Anonymous said...

Haggerty claims he supports the police, I find that very hard to believe. What kind of man (man is being used lightly) can claim he supports law enforcement and its needs when in fact that very same man is fighting against the police in court rooms every day trying to let the criminals go free. If you were ever a victim of a crime think long and hard before you vote for this two faced off the wall candidate, all Haggerty cares about is the all mighty dollar that is lining his pocket, don’t be FOOLED
One last thing Haggerty, I read in your blog that your cops are on your side. You referred to the FOP as bureaucrats, and stated that you would take street cops any day. This statement is just another example of what an ignorant midget you really are. I did a little investigation of my own and spoke with several police officers from your home turf, Wilkes-Barre, Hanover, Wilkes-Barre Twp., and a couple of other municipalities. My findings were that (1) your own cops hate you (2) almost every cop in Luzerne County hates you, and they believe you are an immature baby (3) those FOP bureaucrats that you seem to despise so much are actually very friendly, educated and stand up for what is right, and by the way those bureaucrats from the FOP are STREET COPS. Once again you spoke out of your a>> I am know convinced that you are not the man to represent the people as a senator, hell you shouldn’t even be mayor, do the right thing, take a physiological examination and then resign your seat as the mayor of Kingston…PLEASE

Anonymous said...

You can tell the election is near. Haggerty's campaign committee must have put tuck tape over his big mouth. I have not heard a comment from the wannabe politician or maybe it’s just that the truth has been spoken and mayor big mouth is afraid to comment. I can’t wait to see who mayor big mouth is going to blame his defeat on. I can just picture his speech in front of all two of his supporters, red faced, sweat pouring down his face, tears flowing like a rapid river, thumb inserted in mouth claiming that the election was frivolous.
As Haggerty quoted in the newspaper that Lavelle Murray’s bill (Lavelle Murray Marketing Firm is suing Haggerty for failure to pay his bill for services rendered) could win a Pulitzer Prize for fiction, the same can be said about Haggerty’s Senate campaign. Every word that mayor big mouth has stated about the police supporting him and the FOP bashing that he has done has been fiction. When all is said and done Haggerty you will have to live with the fact that you failed to advance your political career, and the only person you can blame is yourself for being a big mouth baby, look at the bright side since you still live at home with mommy she could tuck you in, wipe away those tears and read you a lullaby.

Anonymous said...

Haggerty Receives a Whopping $675 more from Lawyers than Baker

Jim Haggerty should be ashamed of himself. If you're a lawyer, Haggerty, where's all that lawyer money. The financial reports have been reviewed, and Haggerty's lawyer contributions amount to $675 more than Baker. (Based on financial reports filed on May 6, 2006, we determined that Baker received $12,600 from people identified in the legal profession, whereas Haggerty received $13,275) Maybe he's not as "in bed" with the lawyers as the conventional wisdom would have us think...

...A further review of Haggerty's finacial report shows that only 3 of the top 20 money contributors to the Haggerty campaign were lawyers. Haggerty's three largest contributors consisted of $10,000 from his aunt, $5,000 from a college room mate, and $5000 from a Kingston businessman.

Don't say I didn't tell ya. I knew from the start that a big mouth goof such as yourself could not win a major election. I'm just sitting back laughing. Thumbs up to all those who voted for not electing the nut job. I was just wondering how that lullaby went.