Monday, April 17, 2006

Everybody has this complaint

PLAINS TWP. -John Lucernoni brought a large crowd of supporters with him to Thursday’s commissioners meeting to protest the poor condition of the streets in Hudson Gardens.
He asked Chairman Ronald Filippini why the township hasn't paved his street, Kennedy Drive, and a number of other streets there in almost 40 years.

Filippini agreed that the streets are in deplorable condition, adding that when revenue from Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs starts coming in, then the township will be able to pave the roads. He said the township also is looking into other forms of revenue to address the problem.

So the slots are going to pave our streets, build a new arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins and cure male pattern baldness. Oh yeah, you might get a break on your property taxes if everything comes up roses. Who will really benefit from more gambling? Maybe this guy.


Doctor Rick said...

Oh c'mon man. Even you have to recognize the amount of people who will come to stay in "the Poconos" and go to casinos. The revenue will be HUGE for the area and property value will skyrocket in surrounding areas.

This is evident all over the country: Mohegan Sun, Niagra, Vegas, Seneca, and Turning Stone to name a few.

The areas flourish, crime is minimal, and some don't even serve alcohol (TS).

You sound like the Arena No people. Look what that "disasterous monstrosity" did to our area. Suddenly, going to eat at ANY of those restaurants requires early reservation. Suddenly, people can't get enough of the Penguins and other shows. And suddenly, our area is vibrant with new potential it hasn't seen since coal mining days.

The Casinos will also bring business to the existing businesses here and maybe encourage an influx of more (more jobs, more money, more spending).

Hey, that capitalism almost sounds like a good idea?!

I'll bet you $5.00 that WHEN it DOES come, you'll be there, you'll have a good time, and you'll be wrong.

No Whammies!

Doctor Rick said...

DeNaples owns everything...even my blog.

LVDem said...

anything that can regrown hear on my sad ass head is got to be good. And if it's a policy matter, it's good as gold.

As far as the pocanoes, i'm not sure if there will be a casino there if Bethlehem get's it's parlor. Perhaps yes, but I'll bet the cough drop on my desk (or the windex if you really want to up the bet) that Bethlehem gets the LV license.

mean old man said...

I'm angrier than George Armstrong Custer at a Mohegan Sun Barber Shop over the way the local Commies have sold us out to the Injuns!!! In my day the redfaced heathens were reviled because any good blooded American knew that if he met one in a dark alley he would be getting a blind barber's hair cut!! And what is this thing now with Injuns running gambling houses anyway?--in my day all gambling was run by the Mafia--and they weren't uncivilized pagans. The local Mob boss in our neighborhood, Don Russell, would break a guys legs and crack his skull if he didn't pay his gambling debt, but the next day you would find Don Russell praying in church--he was a God fearing man--and we all loved it!!!! But I guess the leftist commies have brainwashed the people into letting the Injuns take back the Wyoming Valley--Three hundred years after we stole it fair and square!!! Watch your wallets kids--and keep a hat on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one other thing; my wife Thelma Jean pointed out that the Godless strip club up by the commie arena will be nothing compared to all the Whores that will be descending on our sainted Valley when Sitting Bull opens his casino--GOD!! WHat has happened to my America and where are the days when a good old fashioned whorehouse was kept hidden under the trees on the street corner in secret?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I won't touch the mean old man post with a 10 foot pole... however,

doctor rick, your memory is a bit foggy, there was no "Arena No" group, but there was a "Taxes No" who didn't want the arena paid for with taxpayer money (ala the Lackawana County Stadium...a smashing financial success as we all know).

Capitalism IS a good idea, just keep the gov't out of it...cause then it's not capitalism any more, it's governmentism.

Anonymous said...

With all the whining Matzel is doing about the perceived unfairness in the awarding of slots licenses, I'm wondering if he could start a write-in campaign for state senate. He sounds just like Bigus and Jimmy.